Development In The Field Of Science And Technology In India

Jul 04, 2019   •  35 views

We are very happy to know that our country ranks third among the most attractive technology destinations all over the world. The Union Minister of Science and Technology of India, Dr Harsh Vardhan has announced that technology is the strongest area where the government aims at making people science-centric. Modern India has a strong focus on science and technology as it acts as a key element for the growth of the nation. Our India is holding the first position among five other nations in order of scientific exploration. Our country has regularly participated in many space missions like the mission to the moon, the famed Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Sooner India is going to take the leading position of launching satellites for SAARC nations.

With the support of the government, considerable investments and development have incurred in the country in various fields such as agriculture, healthcare, space research and nuclear power. Our country is becoming self-dependent in the field of nuclear technology. There are many recent developments that took place within a span of a decade. The number of scientists coming to India for research opportunities has from 243 to 649 within a time span of 2012 to 2017. In the year 2017, about 649 scientists came to India to have research on nuclear technology. Our researchers witness that the space business will have tremendous growth in the next 5 years. With the increment of the space business, there will be a sharp rise in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) satellite launching capability.

Government initiatives:

  • In the year 2018, ‘Prime Minister Research Fellows’ scheme was provided by the Union Cabinet where our government will be providing a total cost of Rs 1650 crore for a time span of seven years starting from 2018-19.

  • Government of India has announced an amount of Rs. 1000 crore for the second phase of Impacting Research Innovation and Technology.

  • Government has granted an amount of US $ 24.84 million to boost the academicians, entrepreneurs and researchers that will work towards the innovation of the nation.

  • In July 2018 the Atal Innovation Scheme combined with MyGov made “Innovate India Platform”, which aimed in providing a common point for all the innovation happening in India.


  • India achieved the first national state of the art cGMP facility for the production of herbal preparations was established in CSIR-IIM with a production capacity of 30,000 tablets and capsules per hour and 500 litres of liquid per batch.

  • The following schemes were awarded during the last 4 years:

  1. CSIR Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)and National Eligibility Test (NET): 10,687

  2. Senior Research Fellowship (SRF)-Direct: 1792

  3. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship (SPMF): 158

  4. CSIR JRF-GATE (for Engineering & Pharmaceutical Sciences): 116

  5. CSIR Research Associateships (RA) to pursue postdoctoral research: 525

  6. CSIR Senior Research Associateships (SRA): 324

  7. CSIR Nehru Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme: 41