They say fake it till you make it, I genuinely believe it is true and which is why I recommend you to pretend that you are a confident person and just simply fake the confidence. As stupid as it may sound but it really works, you can try for yourself.

For once, just imagine yourself as a very confident person, who just takes initiativefearlessly and grabs opportunities without giving it a second thought.

Pretending to be confident is not at all a wrong thing because it ultimately turns you into a better person and gives a better personality. And we all want to be a confident person and do things confidently, right? So why not do it, it won’t harm you for sure. So, the truth is gainingconfidence is not a one day thing, it’s an on going process which takes little bit of effort

And the little things that you need to do or need to pretend are :
1. Look in the eye : Not maintaining an eye contact with someone you are talking to makes you look nervous and under confident, which why directly look into their eyes every time you talk to them. Even when you are not talking to them try to make an eye contact when you see them.

2. Smile : Just smile at everyone you meet or make eye contact with. It makes you look a really confident and kind person. This is the most effortless thing to do, JUST SMILE.

3. Hold your head high while walking : A confident walk can says it all. Looking down or not holding your head high while walking is not the right thing to do. Just do that confident walk every time you walk, and do not forget to hold your head high.

4. Laugh at yourself and not at others :
People who laugh at themselves and don’t mind accepting the fact that they did something crazy are really fun to be around, aren’t they?

They look quite confident because they do silly things, and still have the ability to laugh at it instead of being embarrassed about it. It Expresses acceptance of who they really are, which takes confidence. Try not to laugh at others!

5. Clothes that make you feel confident :
How you dress also says a lot about your personality. Always dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident as well.

Dressing also plays a great role in feeling like a confident person. Don’t we all have a pair of jeans or dress or maybe a skirt that just makes us feel we are on the top of this world the moment you wear it?

Try wearing clothes like that, which make you feel and look a confident person.

And you can also consider other things as well, like having good manners, taking stand for what is right, sharing your opinions and accepting yourself.

All of these things will work!
I hope you become a better person each day and may your confidence increases for real every time you pretend your confidence!