Life Happens Chocolate Helps🍫

Nancy Henry
Jun 26, 2019   •  112 views

“Chocolate is the answer who cares what the question is”. Today I came across this great quote while just surfing through the internet. Chocolate is the most favourite all-time dessert worldwide. Its wide variety attracted the people from all over the world irrespective of ages. It’s not only delicious but also healthy in a few ways. It releases some chemical into your system that relaxes you and gives you a natural high. It’s available from affordable rate to a very expensive one. Chocolates have been a great gift idea to others. It is also a sweet thing to share their happiness with others. Above all, it is a great desert for everyone. Valentine’s Day won’t complete without chocolate. Chocolates adapt to the modification and changes done over time. The love for chocolate has been observed from ancient period. Many chocolate lovers, irrespective of the rates they spend their money to get their favourite chocolate. Have you ever wonder how expensive chocolates are available in India? Here are some of the most expensive chocolates available in India.

Chocopologiechoco truffle:

Chocopologie, a café that serves hot beverages and handmade gourmet chocolates and batteries. The world’s most expensive truffle comes from fritz knipschildt chocopologie.It was found in 1999 by Fritz knipschildt, who began his culinary journey as a chef in Odense, Denmark. The prize of these heavenly chocolates starts from 1, 14,816 for 0.5 kg. It is made with dark chocolate, ganache, French Perigorttruffle. It also made of vanilla as a base. Heavy cream, sugar and truffle oil are added to create the perfect chocolate.

Noka vintage collection:

Noka Chocolate was a company of the USA, founded by Canadian accountants Katrina Merrem and Noah Houghton and based in Plano, Texas. That marketed itself has chocolatier specializing in gourmet chocolate gifts. Noka chocolate uses only the finest cocoa, blends from manufacturer Trinidad, Cote d'Ivoire, Ecuador. It’s a mixture of finest dark chocolates. The uniqueness of this chocolate manufacturer is not adding any kind of emulsifier or taste of vanilla in their products. It provided its customers with a "Tasting Guideline" in every box. Magazinecalled the chocolates ‘insanely expensive'.The rate of these kinds starts from 37,712 for 0.5 kg.


Delafee's Swiss chocolate pralines are covered with 24-carat edible gold leaf hand-applied to each chocolate. All gold is edible being totally safe when ingested and famous for its non-allergenic properties otherwise it won’t be used in tooth fillings. Gold leaf is used to decorate pastries, which the wealthy offer as a gift for celebrations like weddings or holidays. In Japan, gold leaf is mixed with sake on New Year's Eve to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. Each truffle features 56% cacao from Grand Cur Cucumber seeds from Ecuador wrapped in 24-carat gold. The resulting chocolate has the perfect composition of velvety texture voluptuous flavour. Addition to its taste it is considered as a truly unique gift. Price starts from 22,433 for 0.5 kg.