Soap Operas Responsible For Breaking The Ties Of Family :

Himanshi Chawla
May 27, 2019   •  25 views

Soap operas are the dramatic serials that show family relations and have utmost unrealistic scenes. Its most of the viewers are women who do household chores. These serials are one of the solutions of women's boredom. This is the most popular mode of entertainment to the ladies during idle time.

These shows are full of fights between husband and wife or mother in law and daughter in law, full of melodrama, unrealistic scenes and superstitions.Though you might find it interesting but it has a wrong impact on your mind.

Soap operas are structured in such a manner that it plays with the minds of the female viewers in a negative way. In a very short span of time , they start relating themselves with the protagonist of the show. They start imitating all the melodramatic scenes shown in the serials and introduce chaotic disruption in their family lives. Most of the women devote their maximum time in serials, neglecting their children and husband .

In my opinion , these soap operas are such a waste of time. It wouldn't be appropriate to say that the viewers shouldn't watch such serials, but one point should be kept in mind that excess of everything is bad.Women should understand that these shows are based on fictive characters.Their disclaimer also claims that these are just imaginary and it has no links with real events . At last, I will say that instead of wasting your time in such nonsense things, try to do something productive and also devote proper time to your family.

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