Why Used Iphones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Harsh Singh
Jul 16, 2019   •  34 views

Have you ever wondered why 2nd hand apple phones cost more than some of the latest launched Android phones. Right now on ebay a used iphone 7 goes for around 150 USD but a Galaxy S7, which was also launched in 2016 sells for under 100 USD. It dosen't matter where you shop, used iphones always cost more than the same generation Android phones.Andyou haveto pay evenmoreifyou wishto buy an authorizedrefurbished phone. Even the latest phone get a prices cut of 20-30% if it is sold without box. Ever phone looses its net value after it is out of its official box. Here is the reason why used iphones cost more than used android phones.

Since Apple is in complete control of the iphone the can choosse to support products for a longer period of time. And they are more transparent about how long a phone will be supported. That means your old phone can get the newest features and security updates. For example ios 12 even supports the iphone 5s, which came out in 2003. In fact ,Apple reports that 85% of iphone users have installed the latest software where as android P is availabe only for latest android phones. A data from 2018 showed that iphone 6s and 7 are still popular phones in 2019 and Apple will provide ios 13 to these phones as well , that means iphone 6s got 5 software versions, which is more than any android phone in the market.

Companies like Samsung are slow to bring new version of android to there devices as it takes time to modify android for each phone and companies might not be motivated to bring new versions to phones that are several years old. As ever android phone has a different specs that its previous version so a totally new software version is needed to get the old phone to run on latest version of android .Today people feel more trusted towards used iphone 7 than oneplus 6 because they know what the get with an iphone.

But one thing does remain true for both iphone and android i.e try top sell your phone before they release a new model. Phone drop in value almost immediately after a new one is announced. So it is better to wait for a new iphone to release to get the last years model for a cheaper and much effective price.