B.tech or engineering is the first option or the first choice that every Indian kid thinks of, while deciding his/her career and to achive this goals, the first step is to get in to a good reputed college. As final year approaches, a question arises in everybody's mind "what to do after b.tech?". This is the biggest question that is haunting every engineering student in this era as today nearly 1.5 million engineering students are passed every year from Indian engineering colleges and only 25% of these passouts are getting placed in companies through campus placements and rest are jobless or preparing for further studies.

So many of you must be thing what to do after b.tech, weather go for a job or prepare for MBA and go to management fiels or get a M.tech degree or go abroad for MS. Ans many of us think which post graduation course will help them to get a good job with a handsome package. So here I will be discussing about 3 career options i.e MBA , M.tech and MS with thier expected salaries.


M.tech Stands for master of technology and this is a technical course basically. After completeing 4 years of b.tech, m.tech will enhance you stream related technical skills. For example if you are a computer science student then through m.tech you can enhance your technical skills in any field of CS like cyber security, data anlysis and etc. Its a 2 year course and top institutes offering this course are IITs, NITs,IISC and other private colleges. The entrance exam you needed to qualify to get into thhese top universities is GATE. The average fees for completeing M.tech is 25k-45k per sem which also changes from college to college.

After completeing M.tech you can get job in corporated industry or you can get into research and development field or teaching profession or can opt for P.hd. The expected salary after completeing M.tech depends highly on your college and specilization but the average salary of M.tech graduate is 3L-15L or more per annum.


MS stands for master of science, its also a technical course as M.tech and it is a more research oriented course. MS gives opportunity to get a technical masters degree from a foreign country. Its field is same as M.tech with more practical and research oriented studies. It is basically a 2-years course but it depends on you on its completetion as it can be completed between 2 to 5 years. Its basic entrance exam GRE with some other college requirement exams like TOEFL or IELTS. Fees can vasry according to the university applied to but mainly it can range between 25k-50k USD(20Lac-40Lac INR).But scholarship are availabe for that and even part-time jobs for students are availabe in countries like USA, Australia and Cananda. After MS you can directly find a job and can work for 3 years on student visa or else you can come back to India and get a job. The average salary can range between 50k-100k USD and it also depends on your college and experience.


MBA stands for master of business administration, its a course for building career in business studies and management. Unlike MS and M.tech, MBA is a non- technical field where we learn to manage people, acoounting and financing. MBA is a 2-years course, and top colleges providing this course are IIMs(Indian institute of management). To get admission in these collges an entrance exam name CAT is requried to be cleared and for foreign universities GMAT is needed to be cleared. The average fees for IIMs can be between 16lac-25lac depending upon its ranking in India and for forign universities it can be 1.17cr to 1.51cr INR. After MBA you can opt for management consultant, investment banker, marketing manager and etc. The salary after MBA heavily depends on your college and your specialization but the average salary of a MBA graduate is 5lac to 20 lac per annum or more depending upon your experience.

So by now many of your doubts may have been cleared about which course to opt and which course will be suitable for you. Select the best career option for your self and give your best to it if you want to succeed in life.