Failure Is The Best Way Of Success

Surya Kant Yadav
Feb 09, 2019   •  110 views

You are here right now at this moment, Beacouse tommorow you want to be somebody grater then the person you are today. You see yourself succeeding the way you have thought, you have Dreams, congratulation you are allready tends up to a head form the 95% of the world, Imagin if Steve Jobs is afraid of that his product was not going to be liked by the peoples, then there would be no i-phone. So ask your self do you want to be a person who fear failure or do you want to be a person who love successfull, which one. And I would like to tell a thing one is a failure and one is a success, and if you love success then nothing can stop you, All those people who tell negative things that

means nothing.

Success is the mirror of number of failures. Behind every achivements there where a lots of unsuccessful trys, lots of efforts, hard work loyality and persistance. Being scared to fail can't do any thing and infact if you love success and you start going to it, guess what happens you will fail ten times or hundred times or may be thousand times but thats ok failure isn't permanent, falling isn't permanent you get right backup and keep going and this time you gona be stronger, wiser and you will be more powerfull ever. For Example the inventor of bulb Thomas Alva Edison had made 10,000 unsuccessfull attempts at inventing the light bulb, and when he was asked by the peoples that "how it feel to fail 10,000 times? " then Edison replied " , I didn't failed 10,000 times, these are the 10,000 ways from which the electric bulb can't be invented.

So from all these we can observe that failure is not the last destination of our life. Its just a step of getting a success or being a successful person in life." Success is most often achived by those who have faced the failures and leraned from their failures " and only that person can feel the real sent of success who had faced many unsuccessful attempts, only that person can understand the real meaning of success. Failure and success both are the part of life and todays winner is yesterday's looser,and today's looser will definetly be the tommorow's winner, so don't worry from the unsuccessful attempts just go for your dreams and definetly you will get the success.

there where no any one is enemy of your success neither any one is friend of your success, the only enemy and friend of your success is you yourself, so don't fear from failure and always go for your dreams. Nobody is born with perfectness, if you fails then that doesn't mean that you are looser. That means that life is giving you another opertunity to do something better.

If we like the most of the people, we generally have a bad and intense relationship with failure. The best way to measure our progress is something the number of something with "failures", we had. If we haven't failed yet, chances are you aren't trying very hard is quite low. Failure is the hammer that tempers the sword of success. Success lies in seeing failure as a wepon. Success is about learning, keep motivated your self and understanding our mistakes and make them our strong side.

"Success Is Not Built On Success. It's Built On Failure. It's On Frustration. And Some Time It's Built On Catastrophe"