Is The Motivation For Women And Men Entrepreneurs Same?

Harsh Mishra
Jul 20, 2019   •  3 views

Entrepreneurship is a step taken to look forward to the rise in the national economy and also for the progression of the civilians. This idea has been focussed and worked out in our country but still, we are lagging behind when encountered with the number of women entrepreneurs.

According to the Transforming India Initiative (TII), only a total of 14% of women are engaged in the entrepreneurship sector. Even at the polity level, many economic and social elements are acting as barriers, including lack of mentorship, guidance, capital facilities or spousal support. Our anxiety still lies within the superstructure of business, economics, society and gender sensitisation. The motivation for women in the sector is not as much as compared to men as they are mostly pushed in places to satisfy the need for labour in the market or for the need for greater income.

While traditionally observing this scenario, home is still a location for much of the women's entrepreneurial action. So we need to focus on some aspects to increase and improve the rate of women entrepreneurship.

1)Time Availability and Prioritisation:

The women entrepreneurs in India differ from others in the perspective that they are required to place their family at the centre in accordance with their professional life. This is one of the important factor responsible for the low rate of women entrepreneurship. Women need to realise the importance of prioritisation in life and should well manage their time to fulfil all requirements."By action and time, one can drive anything to greater heights. "

2) Women Entrepreneurship requires a different perspective:

In India, women are made to believe that they are bounded to certain limits and need not overcome them. We need to clarify our thoughts that at the end of the day, whether it's a man or woman, it is the skill or talent of an individual that matters."Action and talent speak, not gender."

3)Constant investment in learning:

To cherish and take forward the firm towards success, one needs to learn new ideas and strategies constantly. Women are required to increase their knowledge and be aware of all the current trends."Increasing and improving your talent is the key to success."

4) Networking through knowledge:

Women are said to the naturally made source of attraction for networking but in the professional arena a woman requires to focus on business-oriented conversations. This will assist them in laying down a learning platform in their firm.It is now an important element for the government, development and educational sectors to initiate by taking some steps for the more contribution of women in the entrepreneurship world. There are some organisations who are already promoting women entrepreneurship in India this adding their efforts in the rise of it:
•National Resource Centre for Women(NRCW)
•Women's India Trust(WIT)
•Women Development Corporation(WDC)
•Working Women's Forum(WWF)
Indian women are familiar to us as an epitome of perfection as they have perfect ability to handle all the phases of life and just by giving some efforts by providing them with a platform to work on, all can together present for the development of the country.
"Women have been known for their determination, inner power, courage, kindness, who is perfectly able to run a household or even a business firm."