Why College Is The Right Time To Become Creative?

Harshita Pandey
Jun 20, 2019   •  36 views

College forms a very core part of life’s journey for all of us and acts as a stepping stone towards being able to stand on your feet and make something of your own. College teaches you survival and makes you ready for various challenges that would need some practical solutions other than some bookish knowledge.

Let us not discuss about the very obvious benefit of college that is education in any specific field. Besides, it puts you in such circumstances that it would need some creativity to get out of it. People who have successfully completed their college life or are going through that phase, very well know the hectic schedules of college, all the major events and also the assignments given. This all can be handled in a better way if we have a creative outlook towards things.

If we have a regular perception then it would be very difficult for us to enjoy as well as learn from college but if we apply an innovative idea to a particular task then the result would content us much more than the outcome that we used to have with a normal viewpoint. If I talk about an instance, for any major project in school, we used to dedicate many days to something that may not be very important for our academic field or otherwise but in college you are matured enough to not to waste days on something so trivial despite you come up with such a solution that would not need much investment of time and this is where your creativity pays off as you cannot afford to spend days on something that is not essential to you.

School confines you to a classroom (at least for many people) but colleges and universities lets you interact with variety of people having different perceptions and feelings and this, if combined with your creativity, would help you grow in life. If you have any creative idea for like any business or start up then you can communicate with your trusted people and have their opinions as well. This would help you and your little idea to enhance well. Also, if you have started working upon your idea then you can promote it amongst all your college mates.

College helps to sharpen your passion or maybe enables you to discover it if you have not found yours. This would help you in forming your career as not every time we are passionate about the field that we choose. If I give an example here then I would like to give my own example that for years, I never thought of becoming a content writer but now I do want that because of all the creativity that I developed by reading novels and thus here I am deciding my future based on my new found creativity. Thus, college somewhere makes us creative naturally that makes it the best time to polish it more.



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Hey khushi, i did read that, it's amazing!
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Agreed! I just wrote an article about college freshman, i'd love if you check that out!
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