"The only one who can change you is you"

Thousands can motivate you, hundreds can inspire you deeply, some can actually help you to change for the better but you are the only one who can change yourself for the better. Here are some tips that emphasize on self-growth deeply as these are the tips known by many but followed by less.

Accept yourself

First of all, the first step in your improvement is accepting yourself as you are and just working on the areas which you think should be changed whether it is physical outlook, mental growth or both. Unless you accept yourself truly you will always be finding the worst in you which in no way uplifts you but at the same time actually makes you worst. As it is rightly said :

"Self-growth starts with self-love and continues with self-talk".

Work on yourself in any way you want

After that you have accepted yourself, start with full confidence and enthusiasm to achieve whatever you want.

It can be your career goal, it can be small goals like making yourself look better, helping yourself in weight loss or weight gain, working on your behavior like becoming more polite or earning extra income from miscellaneous activities. Starting something new and changing your lifestyle seems to be simple but is difficult as you have to add or subtract certain things to your daily routine and follow it regularly.

Be knowledgeable

Acquiring the best knowledge in what way you are going is really important. Read, study and observe everything related to your improvement and try the things step by step. Also, if you are working on your body and face make sure to use herbal products and try it once to know that try actually suit you in the long run as every product is not meant for everyone.

To be smart, act smart

Working to change yourself for the better is to have no shame in front of anyone even when they try to take you down. Observing other people and learning from their experience is very important and interesting as you will not be repeating the mistakes they made. Try to ask people who have been through the same you are going now and involve with them through healthy discussions.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to achieve whatever you want. If you are willing to start something new today, start working in small steps and do it regularly without any break. If anything you are working on doesn't give you the best results, don't be disheartened and try the things in one way or the other.

"Try new things or old things in new ways".

Stay motivated and keep trying until you achieve your goal.

At last, you are the only one who can judge yourself correctly, change yourself only if you want and live life in the way want.

"The Magic is in you. "