Can you imagine your life without music?

MUSIC - A five letter word which makes a ten letter word DEPRESSION, seven letter word SADNESS and a twelve letter word EXPECTATIONS from others manageable and acceptable to you which the masses unable to otherwise. That is why music is often referred to as moonlight, medicine, and happiness to life.

Music creates a positive sensation around you. It feels that someone is along with you in your every change of response in your life. Whether it's too much happiness, depression, anxiety, sadness, confusion or failer. It makes you believe that someone is understanding and taking your sadness or depression in a positive way.

It's quite obvious we listen to music according to our mood. We would never listen to happy dance music in a depressed mood rather we should. We actually look for happiness around us when we are not satisfied with ourselves and feels more others and less ourself. Music actually is designed to capture one's state of mind in every phase of life.

Music: Increases distance between people

Music creates distance between people as you can see every now and then a person walking on the road, traveling in the metro, walking up the stairs or just sitting in the park, all seem to walk away from others and listen to their music through earphones or headphones.

"Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune".

Healthy Lifestyle

Talking about health benefits, music improves your running skills if you are a health-conscious person as it speeds up your body to run fastly as you are only concentrated on music and running. Also, listening to your favorite music before going to bed actually gives you a peaceful sleep being no negative thoughts comes to you and positiveness lasts longer. Lastly, it makes you eat less as I said that it distracts you from any other thing and you just listen to your favorite music and repeat the lyrics. As it is rightly said:

"Medicine heals the body, music heals the soul".

Mental Stability

Talking about one's mental stability, music strengthens one's ability to learn and develops a good memory. Simply, when you love any song lyrics you would memorize it and improves your skill to memorize anything as fast as possible. Also, it makes your concentration power stronger unless you only listens to music and may not do any other productive work, it harms in a negative way. Nextly, as I have previously said it decreases stress and reduces depression. It actually takes you off from your current situation and makes you think the story of the song you are listening. You are actually diverted from the sadness and depression you had and thus gets easily recovered thereafter. Listening to your favorite at least once a day makes you feel better whatever maybe your day was, it gives you hope and courage to start a new beginning the next day.

Thus, it is said:

"Music speaks what words can't"

Listening to your favorite music only for 10-15 minutes every night before going to bed makes your mind ready to go for a smooth, satisfying and tension-free sleep. Thus giving you strong confidence for the next day to face more challenges.

"Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life".



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Dude well done 🥰
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Music connects us all. 😀
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Music can change anyone very musically...