“Hey look, A is ahead of everyone. B is trying hard to beat him.”

I heard this conversation at a race. It was not a regular race. Every participan was very smart and professional. But the main attribute of this race was if A drinks energy drink, B would do the same ; if C takes a break for rest, D would also take a break.

Judges were not just judging the players, but they were “motivating” players by rewards and it actually gave astonishing results. After seeing these “rewards” players started playing with more energy and enthusiasm.

How this race was different than others was players were not just running but they were showing keen interest in pleasing the judges.

“Where is the end of this race? I cannot see it.” Someone asked naively.

“Shush, you are not allowed to ask this question.” And the naïve one got his answer.

Someone would laugh at this kind of race. But, take a moment and look around. You will find it everywhere. Everyone of us is a part of this event. Nobody knows where they are going, where will this end up and why are we doing it?

Actions are taken just because someone else has done it or doing it. Why don’t you think that you are not supposed to please the “judges”? You are not any product to sell yourself. You are not getting educated to sell yourself to the organizations.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “What are you going to get out of it? Is it really necessary? Can’t I just be myself?”

And the funniest part is, some players are smarter than others so they have marked their own targets themselves but according to them they should not stop after achieving it, rather they have to run faster to achieve next target.

Can anyone tell me that who has decided all these things? Have you ever experienced that feeling of satisfaction after doing something you like the most? Have you ever thought what would happen if you decide to stop and get out of the race?

There is a big and more beautiful world outside that race. Just get out of it once and experience its beauty. Everything would be fine if you decide to do things for yourself and not to please others. It is an amazing feeling to be yourself and start working just to improve yourself and not for other people.

So do you still want to be part of this race or want to live life on your own terms?