Always become the driver of your life's car and never be the passenger sitting on the back seat who let others to drive your own life's car”

When you want to become successful then don't urge others to help you or to guide you so that you can develop a spark within yourself. The spark is already within yourself but you just need to enlighten yourself and your destiny will change accordingly.

The destiny is never decided by God but you yourself make your destiny through your hard work and passion. No one in this world except your parents and teachers wants you to be successful. Ironically, the doctor wants you to be sick, the landlord never wants to have your own house but a thief always wants your prosperity in your life. But jokes apart, every person is just considered for himself and no one is having time to check others So, you yourself need to check yourself and correct yourself every day.

Everyone in this world has the same potential so no one could give a reason that he is too intelligent or she is having more brain as compared to me because God made us all equal. We could not complain unless we are mentally or physically disabled. This is the irony of this world that, “Those who are physically and mentally unstable, they never complain about anything but the people who are totally fit keep on complaining about every single thing going wrong with them.”

If you really want to be successful or wants to reach somewhere in life then start planning from right now. Make your roadmap that how you are going to do your work in the future. Always make short term goals for the near future and try to achieve them as soon as possible.

Listen to your heart and do whatever is right for your life, whatever is taking one step ahead in your life, and never listen to society because no one wants to see your success as it is the main reason for jealousy among people. Even your siblings have small jealousy within themselves after seeing you succeed.

If you listen to what people are telling and start doing work accordingly in your life then you will always remain the Passenger sitting at the back seat of your car. Become the driver and give your own turns to your life because the final destination is waiting for you at the end.