When you were lying on a mat on the terrace during nights, you might have got a doubt while gazing at the millions of stars in the sky, are we alone in this universe?

Do aliens really exist?
By some scientist calculations and logical thinking, it was known that there are millions of types of aliens.

Since ancient times, many of our ancestors had documented the encounters with the aliens. If we consider them as evidence, it states that a lot of different types of aliens would visit our earth, and they would meet the human. Now we will discuss 4 important types of aliens among them.

  • Grays.

  • Reptilians.

  • Nordics.

  • Anunnakis.

1. Greys.

The aliens which we have seen mostly in movies. The aliens which we encountered a lot by humans. And if there are an alien species which is most popular, it would be Greys. Their physical image is very familiar to us. They would be thin and their height is 3-4 feet tall with larger heads. They don't have ears. Their body would be like a dolphin and grey in colour. They weigh 20-40 kilograms. They use telepathy to communicate with humans. It means they communicate directly from the brain-brain. They have come from " Zeta Reticuli" star system which is 220 trillion miles far from earth.

2. Reptilians.

The most ancient, powerful and dangerous. The main special ability they have is, they can transform their bodies into any form. They have come from "Alpha Draconis" star system which is commonly called as "Thuban". This star system is 303 light years away from the earth. All the mythologies the earth mentioned about reptilians.

In Chinese mythology, they would worship a dragon king which is a reptilian monster. That dragon king has the power to transfigure its body.

In Islamic mythology, Jinn also resembles the shape of a snake.
In the Bible, the serpent, 'satan' which appears before Adam and Eve was also a Reptilian.
In Greek mythology, the first emperor of Athens was Cecrops. He was half human and half serpent.
These are 18-25 feet tall and weigh 2500 pounds. They have a like serpent and covered with scales like a fish.

According to British conspiracy, by combining aliens DNA with human DNA, a powerful race of humans was creates and they were kept in the highest position of the society and they were controlling the earth they claimed.

3. Nordics.

They look like humans. But they are more beautiful, clever and stronger than humans. When you look at them you would get a feeling that you are looking at humans. They are the most friendly and helping aliens. They have golden colour hair and pink or blue eyes. If we see them from far, we would think that they are humans. They possess powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, psychic powers etc. They would communicate with us either through telepathy or they would connect to us when we are sleeping in the form of dreams. They have come from star cluster, " Pleiades". It is 444 light years away from earth. We can see this star cluster with our naked eyes at night without the help of any telescope. Australian, Persian, Mayan, Chinese, Japanese mythologies also mentioned this star cluster, we call this cluster as "Karthika". They would help humans and they would come to earth in order to help in our process of evolution.

4. Anunnaki.

5,00,000 years ago, when a planet, Nibiru came close to earth, these Anunnaki aliens came to earth. At the time when their planet was getting destroyed due to environmental disaster, they have to come to the earth to take away the gold. Are you thinking what is the relationship between gold and the environment? Currently, in some place on earth, they have been releasing sulphate droplets in the air. By doing there, the sulphate droplets would reflect back the harmful sun rays falling in the earth. And due to this, the temperature on the earth would not rise. By using the same principle, Anunnaki's came to take the gold. By sprinkling the gold in their environment. They have attempted to reduce the radiation effect of the sun.

According to Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Akkadians, these are about 7-9 feet tall. They were equivalent to gods. They look like humans, but their heads are black. They wear gold and silver metal items of clothing and ornaments.

However many people don't believe in the existence of aliens but how can we be selfish thinking we are the only one living in his huge universe. Are we really alone? - Hansika Pappula.