Top 10 Amazingly Beautiful Places In This World.

Feb 21, 2019   •  30 views

Nature is the beautiful creation of God which he blessed to us as a precious gift. Today we live in a concrete jungle but our luck we still have places which are the proof for gods hard work. Let's have a look at these places which we have to visit before we die. Here the places:

  • Turquoise Ice Lake.

  • Underwater waterfalls.

  • Pangong Lake.

  • Mount Roraima.

  • Mexico Crystal Caves.

  • Eyes of Sahara.

  • Tianzi Mountains.

  • The Maldives.

  • Lake Retba.

  • Salar de Uyuni.

1. Turquoise Ice Lake.

This lake is in Russia. It forms ice to the depth of 130 feet. During summer's, ice brakes and it forms crystal clear formations. Whenever the sun rays fall on these ice then wonder show happens if we stand in the middle of the lake we would feel as if we are standing in between tons of diamonds.

2. Underwater waterfalls.

This can be seen on the shore of Mauritius which is near to India. Actually, this is not an underwater waterfall in realm salt and sand formation in this ocean creates an illusion of underwater waterfalls.

3. Pangong lake.

This lake is in India at Ladakh is a very beautiful lake. This is seen in the climax scenes of the films like Jab Tak Hein Jaan and 3 Idiots. Actually, 60% of this lake is in China and the remaining 40% is in India. This lake extends 134 kilometres and during the winter season the entire lake freeze and turn into ice.

4. Mount Roraima.

This place is located in southern Africa is the oldest geological formation. This is formed 20 million years ago. Plants and creatures are unique to this plateau and cannot be found anywhere in this world. This mountain protrudes high above the clouds and the beauty of the waterfalls is unexplainable. These mountains are shown in the Oscar-winning movie "UP".

5. Mexico Crystal Cave.

While mining in the year 2000 in Mexico these caves are accidentally got discovered. This caves size is if a football field and height of a 2 storey building. It has the humidity heat of 44° Celsius. But tourists come to shed their sweat to see this place.

6. Eyes of Sahara.

This place which spans about 50 kilometres in diameter in Africa. Astronauts accidentally noticed this place while taking photos from space. Nobody could explain the reason.. why the rings of this eye have the same distance.

Some say it was the impact of an asteroid, others say it is a natural formation.

7. Tianzi mountains.

We must have understood after looking at this photo. Yes, they are the mountains which we saw in this Movie Avatar. But they are not suspended in air. Before 389 million years in China soft sand over there got washed away and won't these thin mountains remained. These can be seen above the clouds 3000 and above mountains are seen in a place of 16,500 acres. We had already seen its beauty in the film.

8. The Maldives.

A cluster of 1190 small Islands is called The Maldives. But only 200 of them have people living in there. One of the Islands in the symbol of love. This is also called the best place for the honeymoons. It's 1800 km away from Hyderabad. We don't need a VISA to go there passport is enough.

9. Lake Retba.

This is a lake in cap vert peninsula. Colour of the water in this is rose colour. The reason behind this super colour is Dunaliella Salina named an organism. A small land strip separates the ocean and the lake. There is a border with white sans and there is a lot of greenery around it. It is not required to tell that this place is beautiful.

10. Salar De Uyuni.

This place is located in a country called Bolivia. Even if it rains a little in this the salt would absorb water there. Then something magic happens. 10,500 sq. Km of space would turn into a big mirror. If we walk there, we would feel like walking in the sky. To see the beauty of sunrise and sunset. We must borrow more two eyes to watch it.

If we really want to see the beautiful places we don't really have to go to them. According to me, beauty is not in the world but in the eyes of us. -Hansika Pappula.