Know About This Sport : Spindrift

Syed Parveen
May 20, 2019   •  25 views

This is a surface water sport where the wave rider rides on the forward or face of a moving wave which usually carries the rider towards the shore. The term "surfing" means the act of riding a wave.

Body surfing, where the wave is surfed without a board, using the riders own body to catch and ride the wave. It is very common and is considered to be the purest form of surfing. It can be done on various equipment including surfboards, longboards, bodyborads, wave skis, skimboards, kneeboards, surf mats and macca's trays. Choosing the right surfboard will completely change the experience. It's not about having the 'brand new model', it's about having the right volume and rocker.

Choosing the adequate surf spot is extremely important. Doing some research on the web is always good. It is also better to have knowledgeable and experienced surfers who have been surfing the area for a long time because they are the ones who can tell and guide you where to go according to your surf level.

It has a number of hidden dangers. The ocean can be a dangerous place by nature and even for professionals drowning is possible. Always pay attention to powerful ocean currents because waves are powerful enough to slam you into the ocean floor. It should be treated with a great amount of respect and your safety should be a high priority. Surfboards typically have pointed noses and multiple sharp fins. When a person loses his/her control of their own surfboard on a wave, it can quickly become a sharp shot that can cause major damage to anyone in its path. This is the most common problem with people to get into this sport. Your own surfboard can quickly become your worst enemy. Just be aware of the dangers and be prepared to deal with them.

Surfing provides many health benefits including:

  • shoulder and back strength

  • leg and core strength

  • Cardiovascular fitness

Surfing also provides a range of other benefits:

  • A good outlet for stress & tension

  • A great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural environment

Surfing is not as easy as it looks. It is worth taking some lessons to give you the basics and hopefully get you up on your feet. As it involves the ocean, you should be a strong swimmer and always be aware of the safety aspects of being in the surf. Id you are not sure about a suitable surfing spot, ask the local lifesavers or surfshop to guide you. Having the right equipment is essential to get the best out of the surf. Your board should suit your body and your ability.