"Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.”  -Robin Sharma

Words place a crucial role in our lives. We communicate with others through words. Without words communication would have been challenging with just gestures and expressions. Words actually simplify and help to deliver your feelings more impactful and magnificently.  The choice of words with you express yourself can have a great impact on a person.  

“Whatever words you utter should be chosen with care. For people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.” – Gautama Buddha

              It is always said to be careful when you speak in front of a child as they learn from their surroundings and speak the way they are taught. The choice of words helps you to build your image. An Educated person knows which word should be used where and how, and that’s what makes him different from an uneducated person. One word can start up a fight and one word can help you reconcile even with enemies. Every word heard can have a reaction. The world now-a-days believe in a person who is a liar if the words spoken by him strongly impacts you in a good way but will look down upon a person if his words are harsh, rough, indecent and impolite even if he speaks the truth.

             You just don’t deliver the words to express yourself. The Tone and the way with which you deliver your words also exemplify and make your words more impactful. “You have done a great job.” These words can be spoken in two ways, it can either be taken as praise in a positive way or it can be taken as taunt in a sarcastic way of saying it. Though the above sentence has the same words but the meaning of the sentence changes with the way of speaking it. If it is delivered in a positive way it means you have really done your work well. If it has been delivered in a negative way it means you have done your work really badly.

           You should know when and which words should be spoken. The words you utter can even give strength to a week person or can even make a person more dreadful. Try to avoid speaking something that you have to regret about it later. The words written can always be erased but the words once spoken can never be wiped out of someone’s memories. Thought they might forgive you for what you said but it always remains in their mind and your relation can be spoiled. Even your one word can break the trust someone ever had on you and trust once broken can never be mend back.