When summers become unbearable, days become longer, work becomes monotonous; escaping to hill stations seems a cool idea. Especially, if that hill station is Shimla. Imagine you have a chance for a three-day trip to Shimla, then what would you do there? If I get a chance, I would certainly have a blast in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

There is a direct flight from my city to Shimla. It would be a ten-hour journey in flight. So, if I take my flight at night, I would reach there by early morning. After many hours of traveling, I would be tired but that would not stop me from exploring the Queen of Hill Stations. After checking into a hotel and having breakfast, I would start my tour of Shimla.

On the first day,

I would first visit the Summer hills, famous for its scenic beauty and natural surroundings. This place is lovely and will please anyone who comes there even in summer and during winters, the place is covered in snow. The incredible background of Summer hills will stun you. After summer hills, I would visit the next major tourist attraction, Jakhoo hills. It is situated at a high altitude and one can enjoy a scenic view of Shimla and it's surrounding areas. There is also a Hanuman temple there. It is believed that Hanuman took some rest on this hill, on his quest to find Sanjivani to revive Lakshmana. One can also enjoy mountaineering and trekking in Jakhoo hills. After some trekking and sightseeing, I would have lunch in one of the hotels nearby and take some rest to revive my energy. In the evening, I would visit the Chadwick falls. This enthralling waterfalls located in the Glens Forests offers it's explorers and sightseers a beautiful experience in peaceful settings. After this, I would go back to the hotel and sleep after having dinner hoping for more experiences the next day.

On the second day,

After having breakfast and loading myself with lots of energy, I would set out for the day. My first stop would be Annandale, which is quite famous and a much-see destination for tourists. There is a golf club, a cactus museum, an Indian Army Museum, and serene atmosphere that will amaze anyone who visits there. It attracts the attention of polo and cricket lovers, nevertheless, it will entice everyone. History buffs must visit the Indian Army Museum, which will help you to know more about the history of our national army. After some trekking and enjoying, I would then go and visit the Indian Institute Of Advanced Study which is near Annandale. After that, I would go to visit the Shimla State Museum by public transport or autos. Shimla State Museum is famous for its display and collection of ancient archaeological objects and paintings. After spending about 1-2 hours in the museum, I would eat lunch from a nearby restaurant. Since Shimla State Museum is located on Mall road, I would definitely go for shopping or at least talk a walk in this popular tourist attraction. Mall road has many hotels, bars, clubs, shops, offices, banks, etc. One can do some shopping while enjoying the scenic beauty there. In the evening, I would go to visit the Christ Church, the Second Oldest Church in North India, famous for its architecture and construction. At night, I would try some local cuisine of Shimla like Dhaam or Madri. I would go to sleep in excitement, as I would visit the Green Valley the next day.

On the third day,

A nature lover cannot leave Shimla without seeing Green Valley. This valley is surrounded by hills on all sides and covered with magnificent pine and deodar trees. This place is great and has the grace to give the tourists a sense of calm. I would also visit the Tara Devi Temple. This temple's history and significance will fascinate you. I would also visit the Lakkar Bazaar. This bazaar is quite famous for its wooden decorative items. At night, I would take the flight from Shimla back to my city.

Of course, Shimla has many more places that one must see other than those that I have mentioned above. There is also The Ridge, Kalka Shimla Railway, Kufri, Chail, etc. There will never be a single dull moment in Shimla. The mesmerizing beauty and scenic environment will instill a magical feeling within you. Seriously, the beauty of Shimla will blow you away.



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