Toxic Friendships And How To Know If You Are In One

Gayatri Menon
Feb 04, 2019   •  210 views

Did you ever feel like a friend of yours was not happy for your achievements or was never supportive enough?

If you feel like you are the only one who is putting efforts in the relationship and being there for your friend and none of that is reciprocated? Then it’s a sign that you’re not in a healthy friendship.

Having a small group of genuine friends and people who care about you is so much better than having a huge group of friends just for the sake of having friends who do not even wish for your well being.

Now how do you know when you are friends with a snake, I mean, a toxic person?

  • If you feel hesitant about sharing your thoughts & feelings because you are worried about what their reaction might be, then that is because there have been incidences in the past where their reactions have shocked you.

  • They are never happy for your success and achievements.

  • That person might always critique you and have some negative comment to say about you each time.

  • They keep making it a point to show you how happy and amazing their life is compared yours.

  • That person is always busy when it comes to helping you or being there for you when you need them.

  • If they cannot manipulate you, they will try to change the way others think about you talking wrongly about you.

  • Taking maximum advantage of you and using you till you have nothing left to give and then treating you really badly is something toxic people seem to do.

  • They make sure that your self confidence is so low and you feel so miserable about yourself until they say something good about you.

You are completely dependent on their opinion of you to feel good about yourself. They put you down to such an extent that their validation is what matters the most to you.

So it is up to you to make sure that nobody else, but you can decide your worth and proud of who you are.

So find people who you can share things with, who are genuine and real but also are happy for your success and work and support you in becoming a better version of yourself. Be with people who make you feel positive and love you for the real you.

Yours truly,
That friend who will always be happy for her friends.



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