Feminism and Equality are some of the most common words everyone is hearing nowadays. But there is a big difference between the two terms. Since a lot of people club these two terms together, people misunderstand and assume they are the same.

To those who do not understand the difference, Feminism is the term given for empowerment through movement and ideologies to women to get equal opportunities as men.

It is disappointing to see that women are still not given the same opportunities as men in the 21st century where everything is considered to be modernised.

Equality is the term that means that all the genders are of the same value and state and no gender is above the other.

Feminism was introduced to ensure that there is equality between all the sexes and to make sure women get as many chances as men do to represent themselves.

From not having equal pay, living in fear of harassments, threats and much more, it is not easy to be a woman in this world right now.

The lack of equal representation and treatment of women as men made women feel like they need to start fighting for their rights. This gained momentum all over the world and women started speaking up about the violations they have faced. Then emerged movements like #MeToo & many others encouraging women who were too afraid to talk about their harassments to finally speak up and get the justice they deserved.

Since those movements have emerged, many victims have come out with their stories and many of the accused have been punished.

In India, these movements are helping in making a change in the traditional mindset of the people about women but it still needs a lot of work.

Change can be seen as people are starting to accept the roles of women as equal to men. Supreme Court recently declared Sabarimala, a shrine in Kerala to be open to women of all ages accepting that equal chance should be given to females. And that is a very big step towards achieving equality in terms of religion.

Talking about Equality, we can only achieve that with an open mind and the ability to accept change and adapt to it.

Many people are confused about the goals of feminists because of many feminazis who tarnish the image and manipulate everyone into believing that they want to be above men, which is NOT true.

To conclude, Feminism is NOT about being above men. It is just a term used for movements and various ideas to HELP women get the opportunities and chances THEY DESERVE to be on the same level as men as achieve EQUALITY.

Yours truly,

Someone who believes in equal rights for all.