The Experience Of Moving On & Ending Of Relationships

Gayatri Menon
Jan 19, 2019   •  85 views

BREAKUP, the seven letter word has the power to destroy a person’s mind, mess up his life and most importantly, ruin his sleep.

As clichéd as it sounds, I think everyone needs to experience some sort of disappointment or a serious situation to get stronger. I can vouch for the fact that, it changed my life.

A break up does not necessarily have to be the ending of a relationship, but also a friendship. A friendship is the result of a lot of commitment, energy and efforts and it’s the saddest most disappointing situation when things take an ugly turn.

But the best part about a break up of a relationship is the part where you get over it.

Realising and introspecting the things you have learnt in the relationship will not only make you realise who the important people in your life are and will make you realise your worth.

Not only a matter of confidence, but the end of a relationship will give you a whole new perspective about things you have never even thought about.

Moving on is a beautiful experience because it helps you stop thinking about that specific person and memories about them. You live your life for yourself and not for anyone else and that’s a beautiful feeling to achieve.

Some ways which will help you move on:

1.Develop a hobby and try to do things to keep yourself busy.

2.Surround yourself with people who are of positive mindset and help you get over it.

3.Removing that person from all your social media will make it easier to move on.

As amazing as being in a relationship sounds like, being in the wrong one is probably the worst thing you could do to yourself.

Moving on is one of the most liberating feelings one could ever experience. But the process of moving on takes a lot of crying, loss of sleep and lots and lots of food.

Experiencing being a Devdas in real life is life changing and hats off to those who have come out of it strong.

But what can’t binge watching sad romantic comedies and ice cream not solve? (Nobody really does that)

But what does help, is listening to Arijit Singh and living life, the happiest.

If you’re thinking about how sad your situation is or having a pity party for yourself, do yourself a favour and stop.

Now take a moment and think about the crazy opportunities we have, the amazing friends with whom we have the most life changing memories, family who cares about us and this life which is waiting for you to experience and make the most of it.

Yours truly,