The Battle Of The Minds: Poetry Vs Games - A Comparative Study

Gayathri Krithika
Oct 21, 2019   •  20 views


Poetry On Games


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Games those days were real. Games and sports nowadays create enmity. What is a poet's contribution to games and sports? Every poetic work comes after a long vigil, that term which is related to sports where the players would work harder and harder anticipating the results. Anything can be compared to a poetic work. A poem can be compared to a prize that one would receive after a long played sport. Writing poetry on such controversial topics like sports is a greater task for a poet. Why a sport is controversial? Anything that holds a matter of competition and prizes has some controversies or the other. Do poets help to come over that through their poems? Or do they just praise blindly those games and it's insanity?

Game- A recreation or war?

Game is after all for some recreational purposes. In one way or the other, games help to bring out the child in everyone and it allows them to cherish completely. Their soul will be filled with pure form of happiness when it comes to the concept of games. At the same time when it comes to the concept of winning and losing, there comes the failure of the so called games posing as a recreation. It would literally create a war.


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A war for the winner's stand. They defeat in order to win, which is mainly done in a war. When it comes to the concept of winning and losing a game no longer seems to be different from a war.

Winning and losing- battle ground and play ground

Even a battle ground as well as a pay ground gets blood shed unto it. Either way injury happens. These concepts make us believe that both battle ground and play ground aren't different from each other. This point is one of the keenly observed concepts by many poets who write poetry on Games and sports.

Games across the world


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First and foremost one must be clear with the knowledge of the difference between a sport and a game. Both were once synonymous. But, now the term game is attributed solely to that of video games. Football is the most popular and widely played game. Even a dust in the football can become the theme for a poet to write his poetry. Poets admire, before they write. It is not only the concept of winning and losing. Greater is the factor regarding how well or worse the game is played. A game poet gets inspiration from the player and the poet who praises him in turn becomes the player's boost and cheer. Cricket is the next acknowledged widely known game. A game is not an individual's contribution. There are some sports in which there are only two players. But, many sports involve a greater group where teamwork becomes the essential concept and based on which the results will be exhibited. When it comes to teamwork, more than a sport it has many themes within it like, coordination, unity, helping tendency and so on. Hockey is also one of the mostly played games across the world. Then come tennis, volleyball, baseball and basketball. Every sport has its original, unique and authenticated rules and regulations. It may differ from game to game. But the central concept behind all these revolve around two main theories of winning and losing.

Human insanity through games


Human Insanity Source: Invision Game Community

Some play for pleasure and some for passion. Every single person who plays for his passion will be competitive and will be very sportive. But when it comes to the concept of winning and losing even people who play for pleasure become competitive enough than those who chase the games for passion. Why human insanity is exhibited through games? It's just because they say they play games and sports across nations just to develop the unity amongst the countries but enmity and rage is spread instead of unity and it's just because of the competitive aspect that it holds. So, with this view point one could say that human insanity is at its peak when it comes to playing sports and games for a competition.

Literary works on Games

The poem War Games by Tina Clark States about the so called war. The title signifies the synonymous nature that is found between poetry and war. No more games by Kristin becomes a request to the society to retrieve her from those metaphorical games that the world is playing with her. The word game is used by the poets not only to mention a game or a sport but it has too many metaphorical significance. Rain Storm in the poem Games of poetry has given various reasons for which a game is played.


Poetry and Game Source: Young Writers


Is playing a game a blessing or a curse? The answer doesn't lie with how well a poem is written on sport or how well the game is played. It happens to be in the intermediary region of humans' sanity and insanity. A well read poem on a sport not only concentrates about the good aspects alone.