Workplace safety shoes and measures are required for every employee and worker.
Nowadays in India at many places people are doing the risky work ‘s without having proper safety measures. We need to take care of safety measures so that we can rescue our self from accidents that take place in the working place or ina working field. we need to take care of ourselves while doing any work by accidentally something happens who will take care of you, it will affect your family too. They will suffer because of you.

All Indian families are having only one person in their home to take care of the whole family . If something happens to that person how difficult for that family to pay the monthly expenditures of the home.It is even more difficult for them financially.Even in the companies of Indian industries ,the owner of the company does not bother about the safety of the employees. The workers need to handle many materials and they use many things which are risk of objects falling on or striking the feet.

Any material or equipment that might roll over the body parts and fingers. Objects that may penetrate the bottom or side of the foot. Possible explosives atmosphere including themselves of static electric discharges.Possible explosives to corrosive or irritating substances. Risk of danger to sensitive electronic components or equipment due to the discharge of static electricity. Risk of coming into contact withenergized conductors of low to moderate voltages. Type of walking surfaces and environmentalconductions workers may be exposed to loose ground cover, smooth surfaces, temperature, wet or oily, chemicals, etc.

If you have a risk for foot injury at the workplace, you should wear the appropriate footwear. Foot protection is required to set up a complete foot safety protection program including selection, fit testing, training, maintenance, and inspection. Safety footwear is designed to protect feet against a wide variety of injuries.

Some of the tips that help you to make your workplacesafe:
*Understand the risks.
*Reduce workplace stress.
*Take regular breaks.
*Avoid stooping or twisting.

*Use mechanical aids whenever possible.
*Protect your back.
*Wear protective equipment to suit the task.
*We need to make awareness among the people regarding safety shoes.
*We need to give health insurance to every employee in every that it will help them in further. We need to do campaigns and influence the people regarding safety shoes.

“Safety first everythingcomes next”