I sat beside my driver and she sat on the back seat .My driver started the car we just moved from our office. I’m just started to imagine myself with her many times but now she is there in front of my eyes.

I gave a look at the mirror.She is busy with her phone. I simply stared at her, my soul and I started a conversation.

what happened to you?

Why are you staring at her?
Does she beautiful?
Are you interested in her?
Tell to her you have feelings for her that’s why you are showing this much concern towards her.

I said to my soul: Because she distracts everyone attention and mine too. She has that graceful smile, elegant face, adorable eyes, killing expressions. She is a beautiful creature for sure. If you admit it or not she has that magic to distracts everyone. She is lovely. She is cute. she is as pretty as possible. she is gorgeous. I think I almost used all those beautiful and fairly good words, adjectives to describe her because she is heavenly made for me.

One of the best creation of the Almighty. In order to disrupt by thoughts she called me I turn her side.

She said: How long it will take from here?

I said: I think still 10 more minutes.
She said: are you sure?
I said: I asked my driver ( bhayaa Kitna time laggega? )and he said the same.
She said: ok.
I said: Miss Arora if you don’t mind can I ask you something? ( that something will be like anything.)

I said: What you do? Miss Arora.

She said: Well, I’m pursuing my masters in business administration.
I said: Well, we already met once. Did you remember last weekend at cine max mall you are searching for a way to book store I helped you get there.

She said: Yeah ,since from the morning I'm thinking I have seen some where else but I'm unable to recall it. Thank you for your help.

I said: You already thanked me on that day.
She said: Yeah, for today also.
I said: No, it is my duty.
She said: Can I ask you something?
I said: Yeah ,Go ahead.
She said: How you know my name?
I said: It is my pleasure to know my client's names. I have seen it in the product details to whom we are shipping.

She said: oh, yes.I forget about that.
I said: ok
By that our conversation ended but not our journey but not our story…….(to be continued).
Stay tuned.



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