The next morning was beautiful!At least to me, it is. Sunlight streamed through the sheer curtains of our apartment and Icould hear birds chirping in the distance. As I laying in bed next to me Miss Nikhitha Arora is there. I’m really surprised and I’m in shock. When I open my eyes it’s a dream. I turned to look around no one were in my room other than me. I reminisced about the happenings of the day before. Because of the incidents happened yesterday, I realised that I got this dream. I crossed my fingers it may come true. I realized it had been a long way to make it happen. I mean we were not really close. We are just two strangers who met in a mall and get to know each other by a strange incident.

I had to go for my jogging. But I don’t want to go today. Sometimes we skip the things that we must do ,because of our laziness. We can take some small intervals from our routine stuff. It’s just for a change . Anyhow leave everything I’m happy. After all, I had something exciting to look forward to in the day other than my routine .

"Everyday is a new day to learn something new. Everyday is a new opportunity to achieve something new."

I went to my office this weekend I really have a tough schedule. I become a workaholic. Even I go back to home I would be busy with my laptop checking all the e-mails and messed up with my office stuff.

I really don’t have time to do my lunch, dinner alone and freely, peacefully .Because all the meetings are mapped with my agents and clients parties. It had become a routine by now, one that included is returning late from work. My evenings were either consumed by office work or by cocktail meetings in hotels, where I networked with fellow builders, high-profile agents and investors who fellin the abbreviated leagues of NRIs, HNIs, and CXOs.

Onsome occasions, I would also have the company of bureaucrats and politicians. I could divide my networks into two kinds, one who had money and the other who held power. These connections were of prime importance to a businessman. If you agree with me or not that’s a bitter truth. If you want to have a growth in your business you need to have the connections with politicians because they are the one who designs our life……..(to be continued)

Stay tuned.