India is a country which is very rich in cultural heritage and is also a very well known country in the world.india as a place is its world which is very unique to the country of India. It has all the feature like weather, flora, fauna, great food as well as the people are very nice and friendly too. It is made up of big Himalayan mountain in the north and the to the west you will see the desert present in the state of Rajasthanand to the east you will experience one the best and most beautiful rain forest around the world and is located in the 7 states which comprise the northeast of India and in the south you can see the beautiful ocean and sea located in Goa, Chennai, etc. Indian in total is a travel package in total and is the diverse country in the world.

No other place on the earth will offer the diversity of climate, people, ethnicities, religions, language, cultures, etc. A lot of people visit the country in the winter and also come in summer to see and visit different historical places that are in offer in India. people visit the beaches of Goa and party here in summer.

India is one o the top most visited country in the world. It offers the travelers to explore themselves and India just give them the opportunity where they can enjoy themselves at a very low and cheap price and can do all the things that they were not able to do in their country . It just opens a person's heart and he starts to enjoy the things that are been provided in India. Foreign and Indian traveler love the diversity of people, culture, food,climate, languages, etc.

Traveler can also enjoy the different festival that happens in India like Holi, Diwali, etc where they can experience the true joy of having fun and they can see the true color picture of India.

Indian has a wide variety of natural wildlife reserves where they are about the different variety of flora and fauna present and you can enjoy the true natural part of India and can see different animals in there natural habitat. India is rich with a natural attraction that attracts a large number of tourist around India and across the world.

A hill station in India is very famous and pleasant . Most of them are located in the north part of India. Mostly tourist travel to a hill station in the summer as they provide a beautiful atmosphere for people to enjoy too. India is heaven for both nature and tourism both.

India is famous for its delicious food. Food in north India which comprises of roti in the north and in the south there is rice-based dishes. The food on the streets and in restaurants are tasty and delicious.people can have a taste of different food around India. India is home to a different type of food so tourists can enjoy all different types of varieties.



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