1900bhp Pininfarina Battista Ev

Eshaan Chauhan
Jun 17, 2019   •  4 views

Luxury carmaker Pininfarina, a Mahindra group company, on Tuesday, unveiled its luxury electric vehicle Battista, the most powerful electric car, at Geneva Motor Show.

This is one of the most powerful as well as the best car that was shown at the Geneva motor show and it just stole the whole spotlight as this car are very ahead in their class and can do 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds and has a total power of 1900 bhp which is 1900 times faster than a running horse. It can also do 0-186 mph in under 12 seconds and the looks of the car are very much to die for the whole aerodynamic design has enabled the car to do these things which can only be done by big fast racing cars etc. Its top speed is 217 mph or above 300 km per hour.

The whole project was able to be successful because of Mahindra Racing Formula E team which is very good at producing a fast and a reliable car which also had a top speed of 200 mph and they still race in different formula E competition around the world. It produces an electric car at a global level and has got many wins under his belts. It also produce a natural sound as they were able to input it in such a manner that the sound comes as you accelerate the motor for speed in the car. The bodywork gets tuned so that it produces a rich and a natural sound.

This sound is generated with a combination of an HVAC system, electric motors and the carbon monocoque. The whole body is made up of carbon fiber which gives the car its lightness and which help the car to achieve top speed even if it an electric car.

This kind of range can only be provided by electric car as they need very little maintenance and has a zero-emission range of 400 km etc. This is some interesting knowledge that makes us feel proud as it is an Indian company which is producing high-value sports car which can even rival the likes of Ferrari and BMW in the premium car space.

Pininfarina design director Luca Borgogno says of the Battista:

“We wanted Battista to be very Italian, with sensual curves to give back a feeling of the cars of the ’60s and the moment in time when sensual design in cars was to the fore and when Pininfarina became iconic. The body form speaks this Italian language.”

The car will be costed at a whopping 2.6 million dollars and only 150 of the car will be made for selling and this can be a limited edition car that cost more but it is providing the specs of a supercar so the price is justifiable.