Things You Need To Ensure While Hiring An Outdoor Catering Service In Dubai

Elena Smith
Mar 27, 2020   •  2 views

Planning an event but don’t know which caterer to hire? No need to worry since we have the essential part sorted for you. Here’s all you need to know before you hire a caterer in UAE Dubai. 


Why is an outstanding catering service necessary?

Right were the people who said that the way to one’s heart goes through their stomachs. Be it any event, food and catering is the parameter which decides if it is a success or a failure. Moreover, organizing these events is never a cakewalk. However, it becomes simpler when you know what to look for when choosing amongst various catering services in Abu Dhabi.

Why does outdoor catering require extra care?

Special attention needs to be paid when going for an outdoor event. The food, in such a case, is affected by the surrounding weather. Thus, as the host of the party, you need to make sure that the meals being served are warm and in good condition.

What makes a catering service reliable?

Now that we know the importance of delicious and healthy food at a party, we need to make sure it qualifies the standards. Hiring a caterer requires analyzing the feedback for his services. But, apart from the reviews, Good catering services in Abu Dhabi must meet the following criteria:

1. Excellent organizational skills

Being the host of the event is a tiring job. Hiring a catering service must aid the planning process and not complicate it.

An excellent catering service possesses impressive organizational skills. Their proposal, communication, and management must be commendable.

2. Food and Hospitality experience

Caterers and people in the food business are known by the customer views. Hence, having a good experience in catering to a specified number of people is super essential. Apart from the quality of the food, the service head also needs to make sure that the supply is not limited.

Besides, the cuisine you opt for should not be a new affair to the caterer.

3. Flexibility

A right caterer is always open to customizations. His proposed menu must be flexible as per the requirements and tastes of the guests. He also needs to make sure that people with special dietary needs go back satiated. This usually includes people with a specific type of food preferences.

4. Certified by the standard food authorities

Any catering service operating within the United Arab Emirates has to meet the UAE food standards and laws. As an event planner, you have to make sure that the caterers or restaurant owners you book are certified.

The Process of Hiring a Caterer involves the following checks:

1. Availability of furniture and space- Outdoor catering requires proper food setup and display. The cutlery and other equipment needed to display the food should not fall out of the required number. Always arrange for extras

2. Staff and waiters- A big gathering requires many waiters. While some catering services charge additionally for providing on-site staff, others offer an inclusive plan.

3. Tasting session- Food tasting is an essential factor in choosing a service. After all, the primary concern is always the spice-balance and the overall taste. A tasting session fosters decision-making exponentially.

Food is the highlight of most events and serving good food is of utmost importance. Hiring a caterer might require a standard and background check, but it is easy to find a reliable caterer if you keep in mind the above tips.