Music, it’s not just an art, it’s an emotion. When you listen to music you just go into it. Hello my name is Dipan Basak, and today I am going to talk about music and how it makes an impact on us. It is really hard to find someone who has no interest in music or doesn’t like music.Isn’t it?There’s so much going on in this world, but when we are free and we want some‘Me Time’, most of us listen to music. There are so many moods and genres in music, you never fall short of what you need or want.

Many of uslisten to music as well as make or compose music when we are free. People these dayslisten to music when they are studying. Yes, this is arguable becausesome peoplecan’t concentrate when they listen to music and study, but there are folks who can.

I love to study while listening to music.You should all try thisat your home at least once. Maybe when you are doing your Maths homework, you can listen to some soft instrumentals.

Music is a medium whichteleport us into another word. In nature, if you agree everything has music in it. Your heart that is beating has a beat to it, thebirds chirping has a certain melody to it.The sound of rain when it fallson the Earth's surface, it has a calm surrender. There are so many artists in today’s world and they are recording so many songs and music. Each musician has his or her view on the music they are making, but the thing in common in everyone’s music is feelings.

Being a musician when I was young I used to play the guitar in my room andpretended to be on stage and now that I am on stage playing the guitar,I pretend to be at home.Life is a beautiful thing, so back your bags, put your earphones on, turn the volume up and go on the beautiful journey.

We all listen to some kind of music, we all have our own choices.We never forget the music we love, it keeps on echoing in our ears.There’s this song I listened to, day before yesterday. It’s a song by Steve Perry, the lead singer of the band ‘Journey’.He left Journey in the 1990’s when he was at the peak of his career. He tolda reporter during an interview with BBC that he left Journey because he wasn’t feeling the connection with music anymore, he wasn’t enjoying it anymore. It was hisdecision. But now, day before yesterday he released a whole new album called “Traces”, and there is a song in the album called ‘We are still here’. In an interview with Good Morning America he spoke about the song and his silence for so many years. He said that he hadn’t sung for these many years, not even bathroom singing.But one day when he went to Hollywood Boulevard for lunch, after so many years. He saw the livelihood of this generation. All the boys and girls roaming around the street in full joy, the lights were flickering all around and the place was just lit up, and then he wondered that,"That’s what we used to do when we were young and we are still here. We are still Here living the moment.”This vision of his inspired him to write this song. “ We’re still here, we are shadows falling, the night is calling again, we are still here, the love is running, the night is calling again, brother to brother, sister to sister.” Inspiring, isn't it?

Well, whenever I need to go to a place, I prefer walking to taking a bus or any other transport. When I walk, I put my earphones on and listen to my favorite music, and I love doing it. I know that we shouldn’t put our earphones on when we walk on the road, it’s wrong because accidents can happen, but I can’t help it.Music influences me in a huge way.