Dear Monsoon, You Are A Remembrance

Dhivya Rajamani
Jul 27, 2019   •  10 views

Dear monsoon,

The lazy me from pulling a blanket over my head every morning and hugging myself by your arrival, you forever stick to my heart with bundles of memories.

I was in my 8th standard and watching so many movies that combine Ice creams and rain, I remember being stubborn to my mother asking for ice cream while it’s raining. Furthermore, I simply wanted to escape when she stares at me, I sneeze the next morning.

Plus those evenings after my school as soon I reach back home, while me and my sister fights whose turn it would be going to the shop and get bhajis, my mother offers extra 5rs for me that could belong into my savings or the extra bhaji for me.

Also, When I drag my sister’s bedsheet in the midnight because of the weather and my father comes inside to give her one, caress our hair, the kiss on our forehead, was the little happiness that gave us pure joy.

Meanwhile, I sit in front of the television every morning without even brushing my teeth and wrapping myself inside the blanket and waiting for the news that my school should be a holiday, but abruptly the rain stops and I have to head to the school and those small drops of rain still left kissing my face.

If I eye at my sister and she understands that I need a hot coffee, she takes revenge on me for all those fights we had in the past for 10minutes and together we prepare coffee, relax near the window with endless conversations.

#Times during our school and college days, living with our family together remained pure bliss and pure joy. From every day to every season, everyone holds a memory to cherish and lips have a constant smile when we go back to those days.