Everyone started our life in the same way!!

Everybody loved us, people celebrated our first smile, first cry, first birthday and many more.

As we grow up, we act to be so mature and lose so many little things. Little things are not meant to be present only when we are little, but it is surprising how people react in a different manner when they grow and ending up with sadness for silly things.

There is a lot of difference on the festivals we celebrate during our small ages and after the ’20s. There are a lot of things changed from little things to the grand celebration but true happiness is missing in many of our hearts.

During school and college days, we give importance to our friends than family. We always prefer to be with friends than being with the family for our birthdays, festivals and most of the important occasions.

There comes a point in life where everybody starts earning in their life, staying away from everyone and in the new city’ we forgot both the friends and the family and love loneliness by so much of pressure as we are running behind the money, almost leaving everything we love.

The word “Celebration” has become a boredom word for everyone. When there is a holiday, people choose to sleep than to enjoy. People are willing to work to get the bonus amount than being with their family. Does the bonus amount gives you more happiness than playing with the kids, helping your mother, buying the favorite things for your sister and laughing out loud for your whole family?

I would like to change the little things in the world, I would like to bring the change in the people's mindset, we all have to realize what is true happiness and what will stay with us for a long time.

1. Let’s not be a lazy person, instead be the craziest person.

2. Let’s celebrate the real meaning of every festival (Making time with the family and kids) and realizing what does true happiness implies.

3. Help the poor people as they too have a family and festival, to be satisfied with their smile too.

4. Smile when you are angry, it costs nothing.

5. Silence when you want to shout, because words are sharper than a knife.

#just try to be a simple person and spread happiness :)