Rain Rain Don’T Go Away: Crazy Things To Do When It’S Raining Outside

Devalina Bhattacharya
Jun 19, 2019   •  9 views
Are you tired of having to do nothing when the rains starts panning down? Are you scared of the sound of splashes ruining your day?Do not worry this Wrytup will help you make rain your new best friend.

1. Read a book

I know what you are thinking, how is reading a book crazy. But to quote Emily Dickenson ‘There is no frigate like a book.’ It is impossible to deny that no activity can give you the thrill and adventure that a book can. This tollfree activity opens new door to a world so crazy and different that it is addicting. So yes I will never not enjoy a cosy day filled with the rain if I can read the whole day.

2.Cook a new dish

Again a new experiment that you have no way of knowing if it will fail. Fill the whole countertop with sauce, cry profusely cutting an onion and make something that you cannot even pronounce. This is the time to hone a new skill. No one will disturb you in the rains, so enjoy the experiment. It may turn out edible or even the new brilliant dish for your next brunch, you won’t know if you don’t try.

3.Complete your plan

Were you planning to watch a movie or going out to eat but cancelled because of the rains. Why? Why not keep the plan to meet your friend? If it’s not a hurricane then an umbrella can easily shield you the whole day. If your outside plans were ruined try visiting somewhere indoor. Try the new café around the corner or the new marvel movie or the new Bengal renaissance art exhibition you are interested in. Do not let the rain ruin your day or mood or the remaining social life you have. Carpe diem: seize the day.

4.Record the rain

I know this sounds crazy but instead of listening to artificial rain sounds in YouTube make your own. Record the rain throughout the day and edit to add background music or drown out certain noises. For budding music composers and even those with a little interest in music this makes a very interesting pet project.

5.Dance in the rain

Be a classic Bollywood heroine for one day. The rain falling down your back may give you a cold later, but for now enjoy it. Rain washes away the dirt and filth, it will also take with it your tension and worries. Let it soothe your nerve and enjoy the dripping water, the light rumbling of clouds and splashes of rain. This is a one of a kind experience not compared to anything else.

6.Go back to childhood

Remember the paper boats you used to float in the rain water wearing tiny raincoats? Try it again, float a boat through the muddy water. Jumping in the huge puddles is one of my most treasured memories. I still to this day sometimes leave all my work on standby to jump in the puddles. Never let the child in you die.

These are only some ways that you can improve your rainy day, there are millions more. So the next time it rains try thinking out of the box. Rain does not always have to be the worst thing in the world.