Amazing Facts About The Universe

Deblohit Deb
Mar 24, 2019   •  74 views

Complexities of the universe make our curiosity to go at seven heavens! It is really difficult to unravel all the complexities. From all the space explorations till now, scientists have collected some remarkable information that is baffling their mind to explore our universe. Some of the most intriguing facts that leave us awestruck are :

1) When we behold the stars in the night sky, we actually experience how they looked in the past!!

They are several light years far away from us, so it takes star-light a long time to travel through space and reach our earth. The more a star is away from us, the more are we looking into the past.

2) The universe is very old and it is getting bigger and bigger.

In 1998, Hubble Space Telescope examined the supernovas that are very distant away, and to our surprise! It found that the universe is expanding and accelerating in the process!! It totally countered the idea of the universe would slow is expansion due to the gravity of matter in the universe.

3) The universe can be assumed to be flat!!

Pull of gravity of matter in the universe and the rate of expansion is responsible for determining the shape of the universe. If the density of the universe is exactly equal to a critical value, then the shape of the universe can be called as flat!! At this geometry, the universe will expand forever but its expansion will be zero after a very long amount of time.

4) The universe is filled with mysterious invisible matter and energy.

All the planets, stars and all other celestial bodies we observe today constitute only 4% of the universe. The remaining 96% is all about invisible dark matter and dark energy which is still a matter of great concern among all the astrophysicists worldwide.

5) We are made of stardust !!

Is had been proven through various researches that we are made of elements that are heavier than hydrogen and all such elements have their origin through a star.