Today I am going to tell about THE BLACK HOLE. It is obviously science and technology related matter.


Black hole is a topic of discussion now a days among the science and technology enthusiasts and after the first ever image of black hole captured by the event horizon telescope , this topic is being sold like a hot cake in the market.

A black hole is a region of spacetime and having strong gravitational field that nothing -not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape from inside it. The supermassive black hole at the core of supergiant elliptical galaxy, Messier 87, with a mass ~7 billion times the Sun’s as depicted in the first image released by Event Horizon Telescope(10 April, 2019). The view of this is crescent-shaped emission ring and central shadow, which are gravitationally magnified views of the black hole.


In the past it was assumed that blackholes has a massive mass nearly the same as the Sun but recent relativity shows us actually blackholes can’t be created with such small mass and they may have a mass billions of times greater than that of the Sun. Scholars of that time accepted that proposals. But enthusiasm dampened when the wave like nature became apparent and if light were a wave rather than a “corpuscle”, it became unclear what, if any influence gravity would have on escaping light waves. But Modern relativity discredits Michell’s notion of a light ray shooting directly from the surface of supermassive star being slowed down by the gravity of a star and stopping and then free-falling back to the star’s surface.


In 1915, Albert Einstein developed his theory of general relativity, having earlier shown that gravity does influence light’s motion. Only a few months later Karl Schwarzschild describes the gravitational field on a point mass and spherical mass. After that, Johannes Droste independently gave the same solution for the point mass and wrote more briefly about it’s properties. Now, it’s called the Schwarzschild radious, where it became singular, meaning that some of the terms in the Einstein equations become infinite.


A black hole has only three independent physical properties: mas, charge and angular momentum. The black hole is otherwise featureless.