Darren Huston - Canada, Uwc Adriatic 1983-85

Darren Huston
Apr 07, 2020   •  3 views

Darren Huston is an alumnus of the UWC Adriatic 1983–1985 visited the college and gave a lecture.

When Darren Huston was talking about his life and career, he was shocked by the fact that his audience consisted of many young travelers from around the world and that all UWC alumni also travel - in fact, UWCers As they do so very widely!

Alumni are not just the “primary outcome" of UWC. They are also a source of sometimes unexpected ways to support fundraising for scholarships.

During that visit Darren Huston gave a memorable lecture to the College students and came up with an idea for a Bookingdotcom.

So – Darren Huston thought – how about creating a way for the Alumni to give to the College simply by using Booking.com?

The grant is open-ended and variable and depends on our alumni booking, making students and staff members through bookingdotcom: the higher the booking, the higher the grant!

Visit: https://www.uwcad.it/Alumni-Profiles/Darren-Huston