Places That Are Just A Night Away From Calicut

Clare Chris Stephen
May 14, 2019   •  32 views

Weekend getaways for people studying or living in Calicut are plenty. Calicut itself is bound to keep you busy with it's never ending array of food and beautiful beaches. But once you've explored the city and visited all the major for hubs, you'll slowly look to extend your weekend plans. Here are a few destinations that are just a night's travel from Calicut.

Mysore. Mysore is just a few hours. So it will be better if you hang out late at Downtown cafe or Sixth Avenue Cafe in Calicut that are open late night and then get a bus from the ksrtc stand that goes straight to Mysore. Visit the palace, the gardens, the churches, etc. Walk around the zoo and the beautiful city. See the palace come alive with it's age old story in the evening.

Bangalore. Buses are easily available from Calicut to Bangalore and you might not even need to book buses as they are that frequent at night. Party away your days and nights in Bangalore or walk around and explore the parks and the historic buildings. Visit the Bangalore palace and the Bangalore fort. Sit peacefully in Cubbon Park. Have a fun night at the Communiti or Social. If you have an extra day, hire a vehicle and go on an early morning ride to the Nandi hills.

Gokarna. A train ride away from Calicut, this place promises you the peace and calm that you were looking for. Either get down at Gokarna road station if the train stops there or else get down at Kumta and get a bus from the nearby Kumta bus stand. Trek and swim for a few days and have amazing food at the beach side shacks. Explore the local town and mingle with locals and foreigners.

Goa. An obvious destination which is also just a train ride away. Rent scooters and explore as much as you can. There's so much to see and experience in Goa. Swim in as many beaches as you can. See as many churches as you can. Try the Goan cuisine, especially the fish curry and the desserts. Party hard at the clubs or even in you room.

Varkala. A destination towards the south, it is hard to believe this place is in Kerala. The Varkala cliff overlooks the Varkala beach and is lined with beautiful cafes and stays. You can walk the distance of the cliff and the entire walkway is filled with shacks and shops that sell trinkets and clothes. Enjoy the cliff top view and dine in style at Varkala.