One of the most magical moments in my life was probably when I was sitting by the beach at Gokarna and staring into the sea. It was late - almost 2 A.M. I was in for the biggest surprise! Something I've always wanted to see.

Green! Some of the waves were green. Luminous. Bright. Unbelievable!
Bioluminescentdinoflagellates are a type of plankton. And they cause the ocean to sparkle at night. They emit light when they get agitated by fishes or wave movements. Bioluminescence is also seen in worms and some other organisms.

Here are some of the top destinations for someone like me who is obsessed with such beaches.

In Japan, the Toyama Bay provides an amazing view from March to May during the early A.Ms. Here, the bioluminescence is caused by firefly squids. They emit light from organs on their arms, head and tentacles. Usually these organisms reside well underneath the water, but this bay in Japan provides them the ideal conditions and you can enjoy their extraordinary glow.

Mosquito Bay is a bioluminescent bay on the southern shore of Vieques island, offPuerto Rico andis one of the best places in the world to see the phenomenon first hand. This bay has the one of the brightest glows as it has very high concentration of plankton. There are various tour operators in this area and these tours will give you a total and satisfying experience.

A five-minute cruise from the shore of Padang Bai, Bali and you reach an area that is bioluminescent. There are ferries going to the neighbouring islands that you can take or you can even travel with local fishermen to get there. Scuba diving operators let certified scuba divers enter the water also. This is also a place rich in marine life and will provide quite the visual treat.