My corpse lay cold and numb.

All those dreams,those desires are now succumbed.

Repenting what could have been done, what more could have I learned.

Now is the time to rest, now is the time to ponder,

Have been running throughout, where did the time go now I wonder.

That warmth, those chills in the spine have all been rested,

Never thought would vacate the abode that I nested. 

Here, I lay buried having regrets in heart and  zinch in my pocket,

What? did I earn some grief and a few clothes in my closet?

Did I just waste what I had gotten,

I ran and ran, couldn't see life getting shortened.

Could have done something else or could have sat idle,

Could have learnt to live blatantly not to sidle.

Now, as I lie  dumb and mute, can hear some cries and some hues.


The dusk has arrived, kissing my feet, cooling the sand over me.

Flowers have been laden,bidding remembrance to me. 

Journey of my life has now been shaded, I know it's new, it would all be faded.

Tired throughout my journey, I lay asleep for countless hours, silent and without a hum,

My corpse lay cold and numb.



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