Are you thinking of buying a dog? Are you confused about what breed you want to take? Here are some suggestions for you. If you already have this breed then consider yourself lucky.

1] German Shepherd [8-13 years]

A German shepherd is a medium sized dog usually having black and brown fur. A German shepherd is brought by a lot of people because of its intelligence. They are used as police dogs, guide dogs and guard dogs. They are very disciplined and loving. If trained well, they can protect you and your house.

2] Rottweiler [7-10 years]

Rottweiler are large sized dogs with a thin coat of black and brown fur. They are used as rescue dogs because they have good senses and strength. They are ferocious, if they sense harm to their loved ones. An excellent protector, these dogs are loved by many.

3] Labrador Retriever [12-13 years]

Want a puddle of joy? Then this is a dog for you. Labradors are the most loving dogs, but at the same time they can protect you from danger by being fierce. These dogs are the most famous in India as well as in USA. Labrador retriever comes in many colours, but the most famous is the white one.

4]Dobermann [7-12 years]

A Dobermann looks like a mixture of retriever and a boxer, and mind you it’s a beauty. A Dobermann is a really classy dog. In movies, you see the Dobermann all dressed up by spikey collar, chopped tail and straight ears. They look fierce as they actually are. They are great guard dogs.

5]Alaskan malamute [10-16 years]

Living in the cold region, these dogs are little bundle of furs. They look a lot like wolfs. They are very careful dogs and can guide you through snow like they show on tv. These dogs seldomly bark and are very quiet. Seeing all those malamute puppies, you will fall for their cuteness.

6] Pit Bull [7-10 years]

Yeah, I am not talking about the rapper Pitbull, this is a breed of dogs that existed much earlier than the rapper did. Pit bulls are said to be made by breeding Terriers and Bulldogs. Pit bull was created for hunting, thus attacking is its forte. These dogs are fierce and brave. They were used to hunt Bears; thus they won’t get scared of one. They can run fast too. Do not think it is a bad dog to have. If you love it, it will love you back.

7] Chow Chow [11-13 years]

A chow chow is a Chinese dog that is very fluffy. It has a lot of hair in the neckline making it appear like a lion. Though cute, it is very aggressive. If you live in an apartment, you need to take it for regular walks. If they sense danger lurking around their owners, they attack the enemy. It is cute and fierce.