Shopping is a favourite hobby for many of us. It is a fun activity, which actually helps us to escape from our boring schedules. While shopping can pamper themselves and can get soo many things. The best thing is, it helps in diverting our minds from our stressful lives and one can have some fun while doing so.

We have so many places where we can go for shopping, like malls, street shops, markets, complexes and online (which is becoming a new trend). But the actual fun of shopping comes when we go to markets. The crowd, shops, rush and what not…

Delhi markets are famous for everything. In Delhi, there are so many old and famous markets that one should at least try… you can get anything and everything in these markets.

Few famous markets in Delhi are

1.Lagpat Nagar (central market)

It a famous market in South Delhi. The market which gives a glimpse of Indian culture. It is one of the oldest markets in India. One can buy India clothes, shoes, bags, Indian accessories and home furnishing.

(Metro route- violent or pink line.)

2. Khan Market

It is near India gate. If someone wants to go there by metro then they can go there by violet is one of the classiest Delhi market and is U shaped. There are many trendy cafes and lounge in this market. If you go here you can buy books, branded clothes, Ayurveda food and cosmetics and a lot more.

3. Sarojini Market

It is also a famous market in South Delhi. It is famous for cheap designing clothes and reputable brands. If you plan to go to Sarojini, then Tuesday is the best day to go as new stock arrives on Tuesday. One can buy Indian, designer and fashionable clothes, bags and accessories.

(Metro route- pink or yellow line.)

4. Chandni Chowk

A famous market in Old Delhi. The lanes of this market are divided into different areas which are specialized for a particular stuff. One can buy fabric, jewellery, spices and electronic goods.

(Metro route- yellow line)

5. Janpath and Tibetan Market

A market near Connaught Place which has something for everyone. One needs good bargaining skills to get thighs at a decent price. One can buy handicrafts, clothes, shoes, painting, leather work, brassware and a lot more.

(Merto route- blue, yellow or voilet line)

If you live in Delhi or visit Delhi, then you should definitely go to these markets……..



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Facinating writing skills❤️❤️
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thank you and keep supporting
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Shopping is a hobby and inbuilt characteristic of an individual. Of course there is enough scope to buy the required stuff in Delhi. But keeping in mind the ongoing market trends all around one should be extra alert and vigilant when go to market to purchase sometsomething. But the dedicated efforts made on the part of Bhumika will certainly facilitate the buyers to go ahead for purchase as per one's choice.
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Giving description of some of the well known markets in Delhi, Bhumika has elaborated the fact in a very simple waynas to how shopping can be a way to remove stress.