A number we see all around us, from flowers to human faces, yet we fail to acknowledge it.

What exactly is it?

Let’s start with the well-known Fibonacci series.

This series is used in Search algorithms, calculating gambling odds, stock predictions, to name a few. In this series, the next number is formed by adding the previous two consecutive numbers. Starting from 0 and 1, we form 1. Then from the summation of 1 and new 1, we get 2. And, so on.

This is how it looks-

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

And when you divide a number in the series from the preceding number, you get a ratio. Higher the number you take, more precise the ratio becomes. And yet, for all the higher numbers in the series, the ratio remains the same.

The ratio thus formed is what we predominantly call ‘The the Golden Ratio’.

You can also construct a golden spiral, where the spiral increase by a factor of the golden ratio.

And Golden, for a reason.

This flawless number is observed in not just the Fibonacci series, but all around us.

Places Where the Golden Ratio Appears


Petals of flowers like lilies, daisies, and roses are golden spiral based and even the number of seeds are based on Golden ratio.

Bodies of certain animals, algae, all follow the golden ratio.

Even the Shape of hurricane is based on the golden spiral form.


Parantheon- Plato’s study of golden ratio was used in constructing Parthenon, Athens.

Pyramids- the placement of pyramids, even the hypotenuse is linked to the number.

Taj Mahal- in the rectangular matrix, even other buildings in the periphery are based on it.

Notre dame- Recently in news due to the fire damage, this magnificent building is also based on the no.


World renowned Leonardo da Vinci, incorporated the golden ratio, knowingly or unknowingly in a majority of his works. From Mona Lisa to Vitruvian man, you can find it everywhere. The sacrament of the last supper, by Salvador Dali, was deliberately made with respect to the golden ratio.


If all this is sounding made up to you, just look up to the sky. Our galaxies are spiral, following the golden ratio. Our own milky way galaxy is related to the golden spiral.


If that wasn’t enough, it is also found in musical notes by the prominent pianists like Mozart and Chopin. The proportion ratio is the basis for everything.


The human body is structured based on the ratio. People with face dimensions closer to golden ratio are perceived more attractive. Way to go, models.

Breaking down the human body to bits, even the human DNA has the structure associated with the golden ratio.

Even the bible mentions things being constructed in a specific ratio. The best example being the Ark of covenant nova arc ratio driven commandments, delivered by God. The sites you view are designed based on the Golden Matrix.

But why is it so?

Frankly, nobody knows. This mystery has engulfed mathematicians over the years. It has been a topic of discussion from long back. It was called the Divine number back then.