They say that now everyone is free and that liberty prevails in the society. Social evils and threats are extincting and moreover life is to be cherished now. We also say that threats are eminent and will always surround us no matter how much you tend to run away. One such threat in this era of advancement and liberty is known to be terrorism. It's by far the biggest threat we acknowledge of and I can say it even more confidently because of the situations around us.

Now what is terrorism? As is said that to comment thy must know the case discussed. Sticking to authenticity we say that killing of innocent for any desirable political, socioeconomic etc. reason is terrorism. In a broader sense it is use of intentional violence against the masses.

The reason of me highlighting this topic is due to the recent activities at our border. These activities of terrorism prove that now the topic has become a warm topic as it is a social issue. It affects all the countries directly or indirectly. India specially has been a constant victim of terrorism. India as a developing country faces a number of problems, terrorism being an important one. The activities of our nemesis also prove the weaklings that other nations possess of our country or why else would they use such cowardice steps and also try to wage a war against our nation, a nation of peace lovers and exceptional supporters of international welfare. We have openly come out and opposed this evil. Terrorists call themselves brave soldiers however, they are not real soldiers. Real soldiers never hurt common public and they fight only to save their country from the enemies.

Terrorism has now become a global threat and has the potential to use human mind to get complete victory. It must be stopped and not just in India, but there are places all around the world suffering from this translucent evil residing stagnantly around themselves. Why to create terror in society when you can give love. Why to create barriers when all you can do is jump over them. Society is created to benefit people and also reside peacefully with intervening others.

At last to put my pen down I would say that terrorism is not about religion it's about a mindset. We as Indians abide to remain peaceful but also assure you that the beheading of our brothers will not be forgiven and at last as the wise men once said that; "If for once we may haven't been able to defend your cowardly intentions cause we preach humanity but be sure that if you overdo the set standards then we will surely avenge the sacrifices made on India's name."

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!