It feels good to wander in this open environment, breathe this fresh air and to roam amidst the green lands. It does feel heavenly, doesn’t it? But alas we can also be sure that many of our upcoming future

generations won’t be able to witness this beauty. The simple reason being our deeds, our carelessness.

Yes, the nature is getting deployed day by day and one of many such factors contributing towards this cause is global warming. Global warming is a major environmental concern. Global warming refers to the rise in surface temperature of the earth due to the green house effect created by green house gases. Global warming is a big environmental and social issue all over the world which everyone must know.

There have been various factors leading to this deformation. It is not wrong to say that a majority of them are caused by us humans. We claim to be the most intelligent people on earth but didn’t think about our planet for once.We burn fossil fuels that in turn produces CO2 and NO2emissions at a high rate. It harms the flora and fauna around us. Deforestation

snatches home from animals and also reduces the forest area and life. The use of refrigerator, air conditioner and perfume sprays releases CFCs which deplete the ozone layer and become the most important cause of global warming by allowing the harmful UV rays to penetrate through it.

There are even other factors like consumerism, factory farming, overuse of electricity, overfishing etc. which increase global warming.

Global warming has also given rise to many unfortunate tragedies. Hurricane Irma is one of them. Flooding and strong winds destroyed crops &homes in Dominican republic Haiti. The 18 months drought caused due to El nino &high temperature is also a result of it. To ensure safeness and proper preventions scientists are developing new schemes.

There have been awesome technology development recently to avoid global warming. Drones that plant trees are a new invention. UK now uses drones to spray tree seeds in ravaged forests to promote afforestation. Satellites which are used to spot methane leaks is also a new technique under development. An engineer Mo Ehsani has invented an underwater pipe mechanism to cool down coral reefs. A team of researchers in Japaninadvertently developed an enzyme that can break down plasticin a matter of days. It is called plastic eating enzyme.

We humans have been completely reckless and ignorant about this issue. The way it harms the wildlife is a big concern. Many animals are harmed by it. Species such as orange spotted filefish, polar bears,
penguins and corals etc. These animals are adversely affected. It has disturbed their habitat and conventions.Although now people are becoming more aware as to the harmful effects of global warming and many steps are also taken for this cause. We must all contribute in decreasing this effect of green house gases. Many preventive measures have been observed and many more are in pipeline.

As human beings it’s our duty to make this earth a better place for living not only for ourselves but also for the other creatures. We must all take responsibility and work for a noble cause.