Raksha Bandhan - Bandhan Of Love

Avishikta Das
Aug 15, 2019   •  5 views

Raksha bandhan and Independence day on a same day. How strange it is. But I think these things are solely linked with each other.Raksha Bandhan highlights the most beautiful and purest bond. This holy festival is basically rendered between brother and sister( Purest bonding ever). Originally on this day, sister ties a thread around the wrist of their brother as a token of love and respect. As I said that nothing can be more pure and beautiful than this bonding. For me, we don't need a specific day to glorify such a cute bonding.

Rakhsa Bandhan is limited in our so called digital aura. We can call it "Digital Bandhan".

The one thing that strikes in my mind that is Indian army. Have you ever think about them? The people who are tremendously fighting for us and sacrifices their lives. They are the true example of Rakhsa Bandhan.Isn't it? They are protecting us from all the negativity at the same time they are connecting us each other. That is why this is called Raksha Bandhan.

Everyday is Raksha Bandhan day . Our soildiers giving up their everything just to protect us. They are also human beings. They have a family,kids,dreams. Most of all they have imotions. But who cares? It is like a rule that if you are a soildier then you have to fight for your country. Nothing can be more imperious than your country and they are doing it happily.

We cannot live our life so peacefully without their sacrifices. They are sacrificing everything thats why we can sleep so easily. But still we are not happy. We want more and more.

So on this auspicious day, Just take some time and raise your hand to salute each and every soildiers of our country. Without them you are nothing. Just give them a big salute as a gift of Rakhsa Bandhan. They are the true brothers of our country. We are their sisters. They are protecting us in a true sense. Salute them and said Happy Rakhsa Bandhan.

Jay hind

Happy Independence Day.