How To Solve Split Ends At Home

Avishikta Das
Jul 21, 2019   •  12 views

So, here I am with some amazing new ideas. So today I am going to discuss about split ends of hair. Split ends is a very common problem though we are literally exhausted by this problem. Split ends means spliting of hair near the end part of the hair.

As I said that split ends is a very common problem of everyone. For this problem We prefer to go salon to solve these kind of problems. But before that try these super quick and super amazing home remedies. Such as

Egg mask -

Egg is rich in protein. Take 1-2 raw eggs. Only take the white portion . Mix some aloevera gel and honey into it. Apply it and rinse it of with mild shampoo.


Milk act as a great conditioner. Take some raw milk and apply this on your dump hair. Do this 1-2 times in a week untill you see the result.


It is made of egg white and vinegar. It is soft creamy product. Take some mayonnise then add some water or oil into it. Apply this on your hair. Do this 2-3 times in a week. We will see the results.

Apple cider vinegar

Acv (Apple cider vinegar) helps to maintain the pH balance of the hair. It will remove all the excess oil and dirt from your scalp . Take some apple cider vinegar mix it into the water. Then apply it on your hair. Wait for 5 minutes. Wash it of with your regular shampoo.

Banana Mask

Banana is rich in carbohydrate,magnessium and natural oil. It moistritures our hair. It helps to repair the dry ,dull , damage hair. So make paste of banana and honey. Then apply this on your hair and rinse it of with your regular shampoo.


Now, this is very uncommon in terms of hair problems. But beer is one of the most popular ingredient which can solve hair problems. Apply your regular shampoo. Then take some beer, mix it with some water and apply this on your. Wait for 2-3 minutes. Rinse it of with cold water.

Yogurt and coconut oil

Last but not the least yogurt and coconut oil works as magic. Take some yougurt and coconut oil. Apply this and wash it of with your regular shampoo.


Honey always works as a magic in our hair and beauty care regimen. Honey has humectant which can protect the moistriture of our hair. Take some honey then mix it with some water. Apply it on your split ends. Try this remedy for 1 month you will clearly see the results.


It has brilliant properties for dry and frizzy hair. Regular use of chamomile can reduce your hair problems.

Black lentils

It is a great source of iron, fibre,folic acids,polyphenol so on and so forth.

Ripe papaya

It is loaded with folic acids. It helps to improve blood circulation in hair and scalp. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall.


Aloevera helps to stimulate hair growth and blood circulation in the scalp.

So try these home remedies. You can also consult to your a happy and healthy life. Try to avoid stress, blow drying, exccesive heat, hair colour. Eat healthy. Take care of your self.