How To Get Rid Of Pigmentation Problem

Avishikta Das
Jul 14, 2019   •  7 views

"Pigmentation" nowadays is a very common problem of everyone.

Pigmentation Causes darkning of the skin. It makes your skin dull. Not only that, it can increase wrinkle on your skin. It is not that much harmful . But sometimes it can be dengerous too.

So today I am going to share some amazing ideas to get rid of this pigmentation problem. You can easily try these home remedies at home .

Apple cider vinegar

This works as a magic to your skin. Mix Apple cider vinegar with some lukewarm water. Apply it on your skin and get a crystal clear skin. Use this 2-3 times in a week.


It contains a natural dipigmentation property which is called aloin. Buy an aloevera gel from a reputed shop. You can also apply raw Aloevera gel as well.

Red onion

It has skin lightening properties. So apply red onion juice on your black patches and get rid of this problem.


Milk has lactic acid properties. Lactic acid can remove any kind of dark patches . So try to use milk as a cleanser. It removes all kind of dark patches.

Masoor dal

Masoor dal Contains red lentils . It is a great face-pack for pigmentation. It helps to reduce black patches from the skin.

Tomato paste

Tomato paste is greatly known for its anti tanning and higher pigmentation properties.

Green tea extract

Green tea extract has anti-oxident properties in it. It helps to prevent higher pigmentation. Just boil some Green tea leaves . Let it be cool down. Then use this simple remedy and get a even tone skin.

Sandal wood

Sandal wood is known as one of the oldest home remedies. Take some sandal wood powder mix it with some water then apply it on your pigmented area.


Oatmeal makes the skin smoother by exfoliating it clearly. It is one of the best exfoliater. Take some oatmeal add some water then rub it on your pigmented area. You will clearly see the results.


Papya reduces pigmentation by eliminating all the dead cells. Dead cells are the sole reason behind pigmentation. So try to use papya for pigmentation problem.


Turmeric is used in many households. One of the best medicines for any skin problem. Take some turmeric powder mix it with some water. Then apply it on your pigmented area. You can also use it with some curd.


It has skin lightening properties. Rub a piece of cucumber everyday. It will autometically lighten your skin tone.


Last but not the least, you can also use some di pigmentation oil or cream. You can also visit parlour as well for different treatments.

So use this simple home remedies and get rid of this pigmentation problem. Always use a good sunscreen. Take care . Be careful.stay happy.