Summer = vacation, lots of fun, outing so on and so forth.

summer is very colurful and joyful as well. We love to enjoy this season. But every coin has two sides. Summer means lots of pollution and heat as well.

There is a saying that " First Impresion is the last impression". Summer mein " sweat free ka milta ha". We all have one common problem in summer that is "Sweating" . This is the most disgusting problem we faced during summer days.

We are blessed with sun rays and sweating during summer days. Sun is always ready to damage our hair and skin. Now makeup plays a very vital role in our daily life.

But to be very honest our makeup melts like hot choclate cup cake. So we have to take care of our skin to look presentable.

Beauty lies in everybody. Everyone is beautiful but it is very important to look presentable as well. Keeping that in mind , we have to follow certain tips such as -

  1. Hydrate yourself.

  2. Flushout all the toxins from your body.

  3. Drink atleast 3-4liter water per day.

  4. Use a good sweat proof , oil controll sunscreen.

  5. Use some face mint or soothing gel.

  6. Eat healthy.

  7. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

We girls love to do makeup. It will enhance our beauty not only that it makes us more confident. Makeup is not about painting your face with some chemical based products. Be very careful while doing makeup. Today, I am going to share some amazing sweat proof makeup ideas. So here it is -


Take an icecube then rub it on your face before applying makeup.


Use a paraben free , sulphate free tonner which can controll the excess oil of your skin.


Use an oil free moistriture for day makeup.


Never skip applying primer before applying your foundation or bb cream. Primer will give that smooth finish to your skin.

Makeup setting spray

After completing your makeup , use a makeup setting sprey to make it long lasting.


Use a compact powder or any transluscent powder after putting foundation on your skin.

Oil Free tissue paper

Use oil free tissu papers in summer. It will help you to controll the excess oil of your face.


We all want a glow in our face. In day time use a good highlighter for day time.


In summer go for some colourful eyeshadow which can enhance your look so easily.

These are the simple tricks and tips. Just follow them and get a glowing skin. Just avoid that dull patchy look.