''The splash of the true spirit, the glimpse of this heterogeneous world,the impact of each fragrancethat flows down through the mountains, the rustling of the leaves, the bright light that helps to cleanse away the darkness". Life would have been extremely scrappy without the presence of a magnificent element called colour. Colours are the vibrations of light. Colours add variety to life but life without colours would still be interesting to consider. The white skies, the black oceans and the grey surrounding.Didn’t you all imagine the same? I am sure this would be the scenario predominantly considered. But, aren’t these white , grey, black colours too?Its definitely not easy to detach the concept of colour from our lives especially for people who have already experienced the magic of colour.Would the world shine as bright as the sun without colours? Would we appreciate the beautiful sunrise and sunset like we do it today?What would the world be withouttheflamboyantcolours of rainbow.

In the world of mesmerizingsights colours are found everywhere.Everything around is an variety of colours, from the ground we walk to the sky above the world we see is anything but white and black.

Colours in a person’s attire displays the personality . Colours are not only important in our life but these colours have a emotional connect towards us. Each of our moods are usuallydepicted by colour . We can express the overflow of emotions through various colours. It could be rather said that colours are the queens of the world as they help us to convey our thought process and our emotions. Theconcept of colour has a very vital role to portray in the life of human beings. Irrespective of the situation colours have always been an integralpart of human life. Each colour have varies perceptions and believes that keeps varying from places, cultures and traditions.Each colour that we observe today is metaphoricallyrelated to life.

Various aspects of life would be meaningless in the absence of colourful elements.
The fasion industry would never exist if the concept of colours were missing.Irrespective of the kind of dress we wear we choose it on the basis of the vibrant colour. There vibrations of light can also pave way as the ultimate source of inspiration to artists.

Colours have the ultimate power to communicate different meanings. Each colour has it’s own representation in the real world. Most of us have a colour that we prefer over the other this is because it have an positive impact on us aswell as the surroundings.Color does not only give pleasure, it also has a purpose. Imagine life without the color of nature! It would indeed be dull and monotonous: the sparkle of life will not be there.

“Your life will be colourful if you just add colours to your life! It is your own decisions that will determine to have a miserable or a marvellous life!”

Mehmet Murat ildan



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Nice! Bdw, how you work upon your views?
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This was really good! I'd love if you could check out my page, I'm new here and posted a little something :)