The homeless strands of my hair kisses my face as the air suggests them. Waking up to mornings like this is a blessing. Morning walks at the sea is always a joy, as I imprint my footprints on the soft sand the frisky waves fasten their pace to wipe them away. I walk closer and closer to the calm water and I began to sink deeper into the sand. It was solace, the silence and credence of sun.

The feeling of numbness engulfed her. As she walked along the shore the warmth of the cold waves arouse her inner sprits.The brightest orange gem penetrates its rays through beautifully shaped clouds. The splash of the cold water that is reflected by the gentle rays makes its way through the sand and reaches out to my feet. The beauty of the serene sunrise is something that helps us to enhance the beauty of life. As I walk along the sea shore I stumble upon something that poked my feet.

The mesmerizing site still remains fresh as the waters in my memory. A seashell lies embedded upon the shore, curling inside itself. She sits engrossed and allows the foamy mist from the rampant ocean spray her face lightly as though it was the touch of a feather.

The sand was minefield of corals, with a collection of multicoloured sea shells. The golden sand swept all around the sea, each shell indoctrinates the essence of being patience. The smell of the salty sea tickles my nose and a sense of composure acquires within. The resonation of the waves reminds me of all the happy reminiscence of my past. The weather of the sea shore is so intoxicating.Every sight and sound inspires a sprite of rest and peacefulness; and the effect is enhanced. An unfailing source of delight to anyone capable of appreciating the beauty of nature.

Each one of you would have a place where you go to escape the pressure and worries, there’s always a place where you can smooth your stress away and the seashore for many is the ultimate cure to wind away all their issues.I stand along the margin of the sea watching the waves crush along the humongous rocks, remembering the moment that time has never touched. The sea helps my soul to fly high like the seagulls that fill the blue sky above. The sea has so much in store to teach the human life. It explains us to maintain our heart as wide as the sea spreads its arms. Metaphorically the sea is the flow of life in the right direction. “Life is like an ocean: waves try to knock you down and push you back to where you have started but once you fight through them the entire ocean is yours.” Life is like a road trip to the beach, you wish you could stay longer but just like everything that has to come to an end sometime or the other.

Robert Wyland said “the ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”