India is a huge country, full of diversity and culture. It is unique in its own ways. But there are certain things we wish we get in India.

Like whenever you travel to a foreign country, the amount of cleanliness is impeccable. Clean environment, smooth roads, proper sewage system, traffic management, greenery all over. It is so satisfying to see all of these.

We Indians become extra careful when we travel to other countries. We avoid throwing garbage on the road, eating food in taxis and we follow all sorts of rules. But why can't we follow all this in India?

We blame that India isn't clean. But after all who is responsible?.

If each one of us throws garbage in the dustbins and not on the road, India would be clean in no time.

We are the ones spoiling India and then blaming it is unhealthy to live.

There are so many things we can learn.

Like when I went to Malaysia, I saw that there are certain buttons on the poles on the roadside that if we press them the traffic stops and the passengers can walk by.

In Bali, there are so many statues made from Ramayana on the road which keeps them close to history.

The cleanliness, dust free environment, beautiful buildings all these makes one so happy to experience.

Also one of the things I noticed was their mode of transportation. For nearby places in most of the countries, people prefer to walk which not only reduces pollution but also keeps one fit.

Another thing I would like to mention is the quick access to health and care. If an accident occurs, the medical facility reaches to that person in no time which increases the chances of him living.

The smooth roads without having potholes in them avoid accidents and are easier to drive.

Proper lights on the roadsides for drivers is so efficient in foreign countries, which is so beneficial during fog or any sort of bad weather.

The education system is also very different. Practical knowledge is given much more attention than rote learning.

There are so many things worth implementing in our own country in order to make it a better place for living.

Every time it is not the sole responsibility of the government. If we just implement some better living rules amongst ourselves only, the day isn't very far when we all would have a better India.